Leverage The Advantages Of After-Sales Management Software To Make Your Company Stand Out In A Crowd

The sales operation does not end with the sale of a product or service. Rather, it extends far beyond that point, all the way to after-sales service. In layman’s terms, after-sales service refers to the services provided to customers after they purchase a product or subscribe to a service. Using the Nural ASM, an after-sales service management software, you will be able to serve your customers’ after-sales service requests far more efficiently and on time.

Our comprehensive and well-designed after-sales management system has a number of innovative features that will provide you with a bird’s-eye view of service operations, allowing you to better serve your customers by providing them with all the assistance and support they require. Overall, the Nural ASM software will facilitate businesses to satisfy their customers with after-sales services and, eventually, increase customer retention.

What Is Nural ASM Software?

Nural ASM software is a neatly designed, feature-rich, and simple-to-use after-sales service management system that has the potential to significantly improve an organization’s customer service and marketing efforts. Our after-sales management solution will assist you in optimizing and organizing your after-sales service activities and raise your customer service standards to meet customer expectations.

In addition to after-sales management software, the Nural ASM technology allows you to manage multiple other operations such as warranty claim management system, spares and inventories, forward and reverse logistics, claims and reimbursements, to name a few. Furthermore, the ASM technology aggregates all data points pertaining to complaints, warranties, call backlog, buffer stock, reimbursements, reverse logistics, and others.

Overall, Nural After Sales Management is a comprehensive After Sales Service Management Software that facilitates post-sale customer service, resulting in healthy customer relationships and a higher retention rate.

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How Does Nural ASM Software Work?

Nural ASM software gathers all inputs and data related to after-sales service or customer complaints. Later, it segregates the complaints and allocates them to the appropriate authority based on the request type or issue.

Not only does our system manage customer relationships, but it also manages a variety of other after-sales service operations such as warranty service, training, product repair, spares and inventory, forward and reverse logistics, claims and reimbursements. In a nutshell, with Nural ASM technology, your firm can expect better ratings, clearer deliverables, smoother transactions, and hassle-free after sales management and communications.

So, if you’re looking for solutions that improve the efficiency of your company’s relationship with its customers, or if you’re tired of manually processing customer complaints, Nural ASM software is the only answer.

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What Can You Achieve With Nural After Sales Management Software?

Improved customer experience with warranty claim management system

Expedite your return and repair services with our field service management software

Eliminates service industry leakages to boost bottom-line profitability

Enhanced forward and reverse logistics management

Improved customer satisfaction, brand loyalty, and even word-of-mouth-marketing

Automation service request capturing and complaint segmentation

Manage Your Customer Warranties Effectively

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