Track Your On-Field Activities With Nural Sales’ Salesforce Automation App

Having seamless field force management is just as important as having a flawless sales operation workflow; after all, sales is the primary source of revenue for any business. Nural SFA or Nural sales force automation application will greatly assist you in organizing, and to automate your on-field activities as well as managing your remote workforce.

The comprehensive Nural Salesforce Automation App implements real-time GPS-enabled employee monitoring, coupled with documented check-ins and check-outs. Besides, Nural’s Sales force automation app also enables offline work in low signal or no-signal situations ensuring every employee activity is logged. This accurate and consistent location tracking will ultimately improve employee visibility, and work performance and help you strengthen your client relationships.

What Is Nural Sales Force Automation Software?

Nural SFA software is one of the most trusted Sales Force Automation app that accelerate field sales immensely. The Nural SFA’s sophisticated dashboard provides rich insights into field operations and remote teams, ensuring that everything runs smoothly and on time.

Along with staff monitoring, the Nural Mobile Salesforce Automation application includes additional features and functionalities such as route and convenience expense management, productivity appraisal, and enhanced collaboration.

Nural SFA’s key features include location tracking, leave management, organization and meeting management, transportation and expenditure management, and others.

Besides, the SFA app for field sales also helps with inventory management, customer tracking, salesman tracking, performance metrics, sales and revenue statistics, and other activities. In a nutshell, Nural SFA software empowers you to combat operational and logistical challenges at your fingertip.

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How Does Nural SFA Software Functions?

Nural sales force automation software supports real-time GPS-enabled personnel monitoring, complete with logged check-ins and check-outs. Moreover, it also supports offline work in low signal/no signal areas. The real-time and constant location tracking dramatically improves employee visibility and performance.

The SFA application will also help organizations save time, energy, and effort with verified conveyance costs. Moreover, with easily available, well-organized, precise, and visually appealing data at their disposal, firms powered by Nural SFA software can launch strategic sales initiatives on their own at the opportune moment.

If you want secure and effective communication, organized collaboration, and data-driven business choices in a one-stop, technology-first automated platform, choose Nural SFA today!

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What Can You Achieve With Nural Sales Force Automation Software?

Complete visibility of your remote workforce

Increased productivity; thanks to automated sales processes

Real-time monitoring of sales staff visits to the point of sales

Real-time access to secondary sales data with automated reports

Improved insights that help uncover potential sales possibilities

Substantial increase in revenue and customer satisfaction

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Frequently Ask Questions About Our Sales Force Automation App

How Does Field Force Automation Improve Efficiency?

Field Force Automation helps field engineers to keep record of all the services requested by the customers of the company. Moreover, the presence of features like Order Management and Inventory Management enables the employees to maintain a stable amount of stock of all the equipment they might require to deliver the services to the customers and at the same time maintain a healthy life span of all the equipment.

Why Field Force Automation Is Important For Businesses?

A Field Force of a company provides the needed services to the customers after they have bought a product from them. The reason why so many companies are adopting the technique of Field Force Automation is that it improves the quality of customer service. Field Force Automation ensures a healthy connection between all the stakeholders involved in the process of customer service.