A Strategic Approach to Beat Planning for FMCG Companies

April 4, 2024

Key Takeaways:

  1. Field sales force automation software (SFA) improves customer experience and sales productivity by revolutionizing beat planning for FMCG industries.
  2. By planning travels, increasing order volumes, and maximizing sales visits, SFA apps boost sales productivity.
  3. The SFA app addresses common FMCG beat planning issues, including address accuracy, improved communication, and order consistency.

Are you an FMCG company that has to handle multiple locations and hundreds of product categories manually? A field sales force automation software (SFA) is your solution for building an effective sales beat plan. Let’s understand what exactly a field sales beat plan is.

A field sales beat plan involves daily visits to multiple store locations. It includes identifying stock outages and replenishing stores to maintain a competitive advantage. Additionally, it also involves understanding market dynamics and strengthening relationships with retailers. It also involves keeping up with consumer demand.

A field sales force management software helps FMCG brands streamline their sales cycle and master beat planning. It transforms FMCG sales by optimizing the beat plan and ensuring the right sales executive visits the right store at the right time. Additionally, it facilitates maintaining consistent service levels at every retail outlet.

Top 7 Ways How A Sales Force Automation App Helps Optimized Beat Plan

Here are seven ways through which an SFA app can revolutionize FMCG sales by optimizing beat planning:

  1. Increasing Sales Productivity

The sales force management app allows field sales executives to efficiently organize trips, identify objectives, and create optimal route plans for retail locations. Additionally, it ensures each executive is aware of their goals and duties, boosting efficiency and productivity in the field.

  1. Growing Order Quantities 

The field sales executive is paired with retailers using a beat planning engine of an SFA app, assigning stores based on region, pin codes, and accessibility. This strengthens the bond between the representative and the store. In addition, it increases upselling opportunities and results in higher-order quantities. It helps you maintain a steady rapport with the store to strengthen the partnership further.

  1. Several Sales Visits in a Single Trip

Field sales representatives must balance visiting merchants with spending time with them. Sales force management software helps allocate time and create an optimal beat plan for more sales visits. Moreover, it detects sales visit patterns and suggests the best time to visit shops. In addition, it reduces late arrivals and unsuccessful visits, thereby improving sales effectiveness, efficiency, and replenishment cycles.

  1. Skillful Territory Administration

Regional sales managers must divide their domains for the successful implementation of a beat strategy. Segmenting retail stores based on size, income potential, location, and order needs is crucial. The SFA app includes an allocation engine, matching leads to appropriate executives based on qualifications, experience, and capacity.

 5. Forecasting Sales

A permanent travel plan influences retail locations’ sales potential. Sales executives forecast sales based on factors like productive visits, orders refilled, frequency, and sales cycle time using salesman tracking software. This information can help FMCG companies target new customers and launch promotions with low sales potential. Additionally, additional stores can be built to support future business expansion.

  1. Analytics and Reporting

Sales and growth executives need comprehensive insight into a field sales executive’s sales journey, eliminating manual data processing. The software provides valuable insights into sales cycle time, revenue potential, store success, and location performance. It delivers configurable reports covering all factors, helping executives understand the success of their sales force.

  1. Improving the Client Experience

Beat layouts with clear structure help identify issues with items displayed and sold at the shop level. Field sales executives can increase sales by providing comprehensive product category information. Visual merchandising using an SFA app is crucial for driving store sales and improving end-user experience.

A successful beat strategy is crucial for field sales executives to enhance sales results and provide personalized customer experiences. It helps FMCG companies stay competitive and strengthen retailer relationships.

Nural SFA: Your Solution for FMCG Beat Planning Challenges

Nural SFA is a customizable field sales force automation software that accelerates growth and enables successful beat programs for FMCG companies. It equips field sales staff with the necessary tools for business development. Our software addresses common challenges faced by FMCG businesses:

  1. Address Accuracy: It simplifies beat planning by tackling inaccurate or ambiguous retail store addresses head-on.
  2. Communication Enhancement: Our SFA app facilitates seamless communication between storekeepers and warehouse management to enhance planning effectiveness.
  3. Order Consistency: It streamlines operations by minimizing inconsistencies in orders and volumes, thereby reducing distribution costs.

With Nural SFA, conquer FMCG beat planning challenges, and unlock new avenues for success in your sales operations. Schedule a demo today!

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