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One of the Best Sales Management Software in India ensures Efficient And Effective Sales Management

Lead generation, conversion rates, and ROI determine organizational success. Another integral aspect that determines your product’s success is data. With the current and constantly evolving customer journey, customers need personalized sales experiences to hold their interest for the future. The sheer volume of data generated from such sales management is massive and is becoming a significant de-motivator for organizations failing to upgrade their sales strategy.

This is where Nural’s Sales Force Management Software, comes in! With Nural Sales management app you can transform the way you see sales force management. As it also comes with a sales management app, it gets super easy to handle all the Data & Analytics generated from the whole sales process and hence, saves you a lot of time and resources.

Why It is Best Nural Sales Management Software?

Nural Sales, one of the best SaaS based sales Management Software in India, is the SaaS solution you need today to build efficient and innovative sales strategies. Nural Sales help you decode information to make data-driven decisions!

With Nural Sales Force Management Software, you get all the data you need to make decisions and strategize on your dashboard in a clutter free and graphical manner! Isn’t it easier to figure out the data better when it is organized in such a clear format? Nural’s sales management software can ensure you increase in sales, sales force productivity and savings in supply chain management.


What You Will Get From
Nural’s Sales Management
Software in India?


increase in


increase in
sales force


Savings in
supply chain

And it doesn’t stop there! The goal of Nural sales is to ensure that your sales team operates smoothly, like a well-oiled machine. Nural Sales also comes with a sales management app which can be very handy for any sales team.

How Does Nural Sales Management Software in India Work?

Nural Sales uses real-time data, key metrics, and integrated dynamic updates on primary, secondary and tertiary sales networks to improve overall productivity. It is an online sales management software in India which can be operated from anywhere

As automated Sales management software in India, Nural Sales also ensures that you see all your data with ease. It replaces convoluted sales reports with intuitive infographics, so your dashboard remains clutter-free and purely informative. This ensures that you always have a clear idea of how your sales strategy is doing!

Why Choose Nural Sales Management Software in India?

Nural Sales has gained a lot of experience while producing sales management software in India, especially for SMEs, however, Nural Sales is not deprived of the experience of serving MNCs either. Nural Sales will make sure that all the data you need to strategize and make decisions are there on the dashboard in a very clear and graphical way, so that you save time and effort to find out the data, organize and then make the strategy. The online sales management software is also available as a sales force management app in India for your convenience. Hence, you can easily choose Nural Sales without a doubt in your heart, and remain worriless about your sales.

You don’t need to worry about your sales when you have got Nural Sales Management App with you!

Nural Sales ensures that you can:

Direct sales channels cohesively

Identifying potential areas of blockage in advance

Expedite business intelligence and analytics-based decision making

Develop practical solutions to pre-empted problems

Generate precise reports on all channel sales and stock

Keep a check on the running strategies

Manage inventory with ease

Make quick inventory decisions depending on availability

Optimise your sales processes

Ensure efficient team building and team functioning

Regulate returns management effectively

Track and manage the generated leads

Convert and nurture every lead to garner end-buyers

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Frequently Ask Questions About Our Sales Management Software.

How Can Nural Sales Management Software Help Your Business?

Nural Sales Management Software is a collaboration of 3 software, namely: Sales CRM, Sales DMS and Sales SFA. All of these 3 softwares, if connected together, can manage all the dedicated aspects of the sales process with great ease. For example, the CRM Software helps the team to manage customers by helping them access and manage customer related information with ease.

On the other hand, the Distribution Management System Software will assist the team to take care of the distribution Channel sales system of the company by fetching information about the inventory, the sales process, tracking the sales record of each product and the target achieved by the sales people in Primary, Secondary and Tertiary stages.

Whereas, the Sales Force Automation system will allow the team to manage targets, report sales activities, evaluate team performance, etc. With the help of this software companies can easily keep track of their sales and targets, plus analyze the overall performance of the team.

What Is The Importance Of Sales Management Software In An Organization?

Sales Management Software is an important tool for any organization. With the help of this software, a company can:

  • Manage Customer contact information with ease
  • Customer communication becomes easy
  • Builds a collaborative working environment
  • Improves the overall performance of the sales team

With Nural Sales Management Software, a company can easily manage customer communication, facilitate collaborative working environments, and improve productivity. Adding to that, Nural’s mobile application helps the employees to access information according to their convenience, from anywhere they want.

What Are The Benefits Of A Sales Management System?

The benefits of a Sales Management System are unparalleled when it comes to improving customer communication and productivity. There are a lot of benefits of using a Sales Management System.

  • Improved relationship with customers
  • Collaborative working environment
  • Increase in productivity
  • Easy to understand information through intuitive dashboard

With the help of Nural Sales Management CRM, one can avail all these benefits. In addition to that, the mobile application of the Nural Sales Management CRM gives access to important information as per convenience.

What Are The Objectives Of Sales Management Software?

At the very basic level, the most important objective of Sales Management Software is to help the company manage its sales. Now to do that, the software would have to take care of a lot of things. Some of these things are: management of customers, tracking the performances of the sales team as a whole, keeping track of the fulfillment of targets, etc. Let me list them down in detail:

  • Increase In Sales: one of the main objectives of employing a sales management system is to increase sales with the help of the unique features of the software.
  • Increase In Productivity: With the help of the feature of tracking the performance of the sales team, the employees are automatically encouraged to work harder and perform better.
  • Smooth Operation Of Sales Team: This is probably the topmost objective of any company when adopting a sales management software.