Maximize Efficiency And Control With Our Asset Management Software in India

Though asset management plays a vital role in improving profitability and reducing expenses, maintenance is often marginalized under the shadow of mainstream business activities. Nural Assets, one of the best asset management system in India, offers automated, data-smart, and seamless asset tracking and management solutions that help improve oversight and control over asset reporting, user and inventory management. It allows you to view the real-time of all your distributed assets, and carry out key operations like repairs, returns, audits, and ticket management automatically.

What is Nural Asset Tracking Software in India?

Nural Assets is an automated, intuitive enterprise and SaaS model asset management system in India that lets you manage and monitor your company’s Assets. It reduces theft/ghost asset and increases the Life of assets which increase the ROI on your investment. Effective features like easy to use with keyboard shortcuts, Role-based permissions, and Scheduling maintenance activities to optimize the use of your work centers, and maintenance resources. It also Reduces asset downtime and increases productivity.

Efficient asset tracking and management directly translate to optimum day-to-day operations and input maximization- intuitively and organically.

Nural Asset management software in India has created tangible impact and measurable change across various levels of the operations for our clientele, ensuring sizable profits, lesser workload, and better overall control!

Key Results
Achieved By Our Asset Management Software in India


tracking of assets- machine, hardware and software, even when in use


reduction in operating


increase in revenue
per employee

Increased reliability

Minimisation of maintenance and repair costs

Optimum asset allotment and use

Reduction in labour waste- minimum resource and energy investment in asset checking

Enhanced productivity

How does Nural Asset Tracking Software work?

This enterprise asset management software and app eliminates the need for manual tracking, filing, and paperwork on asset management. It also reduces managerial mishaps and human efforts by minimizing paperwork. Achieve high asset uptime and minimal outage resolution times by practicing effective asset maintenance on high-value assets. Nural’s Asset management software provides enterprises with a clear picture of any asset, its health and history, and the maintenance schedule.

Ready reports enable immediate action by other stakeholders in the business, making your daily activities conducive to productivity and profitability.

Nural Asset ensures that you can:

Generate comprehensive asset status reports & insights

Access key metrics and visualize trends in asset operations

Execute essential asset management activities (e.g. purchase requisition , inventory addition, warranty tracking, etc.) with ease.

Use information from our dashboard to make essential business forecasts.

Enjoy Secure On-Premise or Cloud-based deployment

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Frequently Ask Questions About Our Assets Management Software

What Is Asset Management Software?

An Asset Management Software is used to keep track of all the assets involved in the business. In this process of tracking the assets, the software takes care of a few more factors, as they are involved with the process:

  1. Inventory Tracking: the software provides information about the inventory so that the business can keep a record of the assets they might need to stock or order.
  2. Asset Management: This module helps the business take care of its assets from the time of procurement till the time they are disposed of. It can be used to know when the equipment needs to be sent for servicing or repair.

What Are Some Benefits Of Using Asset Management Software In A Business?

Some of the benefits of using Asset Management Software in a Business are:

  • Real-time tracking of Assets
  • Increases the life span of equipment
  • Timely repairing and maintenance
  • Decreased cost of asset management


What Is The Purpose Of An Asset Management Program?

The main purpose of an Asset Management Program is to manage all the equipment used in a company to carry out business operations. This software helps the company to keep track of the assets from the time of their procurement till their disposal. The software has been proven to increase the lifetime of an asset.