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Nural is a team of passionate and forward-thinking analysts who address today's business challenges while capitalizing on future possibilities! Our team comprises the brightest minds across multiple industries who are highly motivated and committed to their roles.

We very well understand that today's data is far more complex, valuable and multifaceted. For this reason, organizations require dynamic solutions that can uncover underlying patterns in datasets and enable them to bring real value to their business.

And that is exactly what we intend to offer– innovative, data-driven solutions for business!

Our core competencies lie in building engaging analytics and predictive analysis in the domains of Lead Generation, Channel Sales, After Sales Service Management, Enterprise Assets Management, Sales & Distribution Management System (DMS), Customized CRM Software, and Sales Force Automation(SFA), among other solutions.

Moreover, our vast experience in this industry enables us to provide timely and meaningful SAAS solutions, allowing companies to set the pace in business and achieve their long-term goals.

Our ultimate goal, as a SAAS solution provider with a vision, is to offer customized solutions as per business needs!

How Do We Design Unique Business Solutions?

At Nural, our data analytics project begins with a thorough analysis and understanding of our client's business objectives and strategy. We collaborate closely with organizations to understand their pressing issues and then identify the technology model and assistance they require to gain a competitive advantage.

Later, we leverage a comprehensive and pragmatic approach, as well as a unique operational style that involves the agile integration of multiple methodologies from data, statistics, operations research, natural language processing, machine learning, decision science, computer engineering, and cognitive science.

By using these methodologies smartly and coherently to complex and dynamic data sets, we generate significant insights that not only drive improved business decisions and enhanced monitoring of corporate activities but also enable the organization to serve its customers efficiently and effectively.

All the business intelligence products developed by us are hosted at a Level 4 Data Center and are offered either through SAAS providers or dedicated enterprise platforms.

We offer innovative data analysis strategies for modern businesses

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Nural Vision

Our Vision is to harness the power of data through leading-edge software solutions and support businesses in achieving unparalleled business success.

Our objective is to stimulate and revolutionize the growth of B2B enterprises by facilitating business intelligence and processes, engaging analytics, and data vitalization.

Nural Mission

We Empower Enterprises By
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