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Nural is a collection of dynamic solutions that assist businesses in addressing multiple challenges and ensuring their success in sales processes and various business operations. Our sales enablement tools and platforms catalyze and revolutionize the growth of B2B enterprises by facilitating business intelligence, optimizing business processes, and providing in-depth analytics.

We provide 11 different sales productivity platforms both in Saas and enterprise level under the Nural ONE umbrella, including Nural Sales, Nural Leads, Nural DMS, Nural SFA, Nural ISP, Nural Service, Nural CRM, Nural ASM, Nural Field, Nural Assets, Nural Analytics, and Nural Schemes. Each product is designed as a stand-alone product to serve a particular purpose. However, the ultimate goal of each of the products is to simplify business activities and enhance positive outputs.

All of these products are more than enough to provide you with a complete end-to-end business solution that addresses every business requirement, including sales marketing, lead generation, distribution management, report generation, inventory management, customer interaction, asset management, data visualization, and scheme analysis, among others.

In addition to these advantages, Nural’s sales enablement platform will assist you in identifying & rectifying gaps or flaws in your strategy or processes, as well as in designing the best solution for them. All of these Nural’s benefits will enhance performance, productivity, and profit while reducing operational costs, errors, asset downtime, and customer churn rate.

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nural sales solutions

It is a SaaS-based sales management system with an easy-to-use UI designed to meet all of your sales-related challenges. Using this data-driven tool, you can design result-oriented sales strategies that will help you attain optimal results.

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Nural Leads

Nural Leads helps businesses automate the system of managing business leads. Not only does it track the position of leads, but it also assists in converting them into actual customers. With a visual interactive dashboard, Nural Leads provides all the information about every lead on a single screen.

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nural DMS solutions

Enterprise-level distribution management system for managing the supply chain on a larger scale. With Nural DMS your business can manage inventory, targets, and Schemes of your retail stores. Track inventory and supply your goods to the vacant inventory with Nural DMS.

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nural SFA solutions

SFA is a salesforce automation software that will help your field employees work more efficiently. At the same time, Nural SFA software will also allow supervisors to track team performance and employee activities in real-time.

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Nural ISP Solution

Nural ISP is a mobile app designed to manage sales promoters effectively. Its main purpose is to track, monitor, and enhance your indoor sales force. With its intuitive interface, the app seamlessly integrates essential features such as tracking, monitoring, positioning, planning, reporting, market analysis, assignment, and support requests. Both sales demonstrators and managers can access these features on their mobile phones, allowing for streamlined communication and collaboration.

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nural service solutions

The Nural Service product will allow you to serve your customers with their return and repair requests. Using this solution, you can streamline and address every service request you receive on time, ensuring a positive customer experience.

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Nural CRM Solution

Nural CRM (customer relationship management software) is a cloud-based solution that can manage a variety of customer-related operations. This CRM software will assist you with customer management, lead management, catalog management, and ERP integration, among other things.

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Nural ASM Solution

Retain your customer by providing good customer service after sales with Nural ASM. An after-sales service management software for providing excellent after-sales support including service resources allocation to warranty management.

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Nural Field

Nural Field is a field force management software for managing outdoor field forces. Businesses can track the live location of every field employee with Nural Field.

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Nural Assets Solution

Nural Assets is an enterprise asset management software that will enable you to keep track of and manage all of the resources that your company owns or has distributed among the scattered workplaces or employees.

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Nural Scheme Solution

Nural scheme management software will empower you to strategize, design, and roll out schemes in a systematic and organized manner. The technology will also allow you to track the scheme’s performance or customer response once the scheme is executed.

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Nural Analytics Solution

Nural Analytics will enable organizations to collect, organize, and visualize critical data. This will ultimately help them better understand their customers, design personalized content, devise or revise sales and marketing strategies, and develop products.

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Why Choose Nural
Business Solutions?

great team

Great Team At Work

At Nural, we have an outstanding team of analysts that holds extensive knowledge in their respective domains and are enthusiastic about their work. This experienced team will go above and beyond as needed in order to provide the best solutions to clients

ability to comprehend

Ability To Comprehend Issue

Understanding the problem is the first step toward fixing it. Each member of our team has exceptional abilities to comprehend business challenges thoroughly. This in-depth understanding of the problem ultimately helps us design solutions that best match the clients’ requirements


Effective, Modern-age Solutions

Each of our products, services, or platforms is technologically superior. These cutting-edge Nural solutions will certainly assist your business in filling loopholes, overcoming challenges, improving productivity, and boosting sales and revenue


Exceptional Track Record

We have a proven track record of providing high-quality services over the years. Our services and solutions have benefited numerous firms in achieving their business goals through digital transformation. Our portfolio itself speaks for our competence and commitment

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