Nural Service A Leading Customer Service Management Software In India

This is true for all industries. Consequently, customer satisfaction and retention have become complex because the customer expects interaction with future-facing technology. This is the new norm. To sustain and flourish in the face of such industrial benchmarks, your enterprise needs adroit, intuitive and user-friendly customer service management software.

What Is Nural Customer Service Management Software in India?

Nural Service is a powerful cloud-based automated customer service management software in India you can rely on. Optimise your after-sale service with an eagle’s eye view of your service operations on our dashboard. This helps you drive an efficient mechanism for After sales service Management. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

Cloud based repair management software, Warranty management software, spares and inventory, forward and reverse logistics, claims and reimbursements- Nural customer service management software in India has your business covered. Nural Service is a comprehensive service, repair and warranty management software in India that automates your after-sale relations with your customer, resulting in smoother transactions and happier customers. Our customer service management software coalesces all data points related to complaints, warranties, call backlog, buffer stock, reimbursements, reverse logistics and the like. Using this information, Nural Service visualises and charts trends, presenting an overview of your service-related processes on our dashboard. This helps you make relevant decisions better and forecast accordingly

What Do You
Achieve With Our Service Management Software in India?


savings on business investment


inventory visibility- lean management


Improved response management

On-field and in-house applicability in response management

Heightened customer satisfaction and customer retention

How does Nural Customer Service Management Software work?

With Nural Service, better reviews, clearer deliverables, smoother transactions and hassle-free after-sale communications await your enterprise. If you seek solutions that directly breathe efficiency into your enterprise’s relationship with its customers, or if you struggle with handling customers and customer-related data manually, Nural Customer Service management software in India is the answer.

Nural Service management software in India ensures that you can:

Optimise your Customer Relationship Management with our intuitive reporting and analytics dashboard.

Improve your customer’s experience with our warranty claim management software. Reduce service turnaround time.

Speed up your return and repair services with our field service management software.

Remove service industry leakages to increase bottom-line profitability.

Administer repair DOA system efficiently.

Organise and manage forward and reverse logistics.

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Frequently Ask Questions About Our Service Management Software

Why Service Management Is Important For Businesses

Service Management is vital for businesses as it is one of the most important ways to manage its relationship with customers. Functions like customer relationship management, after-sales services, and distribution of products to customers fall under Service Management. Hence it is essential for companies to manage all these functions very efficiently.

What Are The Benefits Of Service Management?

The several benefits of Service Management are:

  • Ultimate customer satisfaction
  • Smooth distribution of goods and services
  • Excellent management of after-sales service
  • Efficient management of customer contact details.
  • Efficient management of tasks and never missing out.
  • Improved productivity of the employees

Importance Of Repair Management System?

A business can benefit a lot from a Repair Management System. Let’s point them all out one by one:

  • Keeping a record of all the tasks that need to be done. Along with that, you can also include all the details that are important to the task.
  • Getting real-time updates on the tasks, for example, whether they are completed or need to be continued, or if they are incomplete, then at what status they are in, etc.
  • Manage your equipment required to complete a particular task. Here, you can get information about the inventory and know whether any equipment needs to be produced.
  • You can reduce equipment downtime with the help of a Repair Management System. There, you can get all the information regarding equipment and assets. You can get to know when a piece of equipment was last sent for servicing, or when is the next time it needs servicing, etc. This naturally increases the life span of equipment and reduces downtime.