Leader Board of Nural

Mr. Bhanu Ssavant

Co-founder and Director,
Zed Axis Technology, Co-founder– Nuraltech Pvt Ltd

Mr. Bhanu has been the CEO of Zed Axis Technology since 2001 and co-founded Nuraltech in 2020. Prior to this, he worked with leading technology conglomerates such as Samsung and Philips. His core area of expertise is developing innovative, data-driven business solutions for enterprise asset management and sales & distribution management.

Deepak Shetty

Co-founder and Director,
Nuraltech Pvt. Ltd.

Mr. Deepak, a graduate of NIT Karnataka and WeSchool Mumbai, co-founded Nuraltech in 2020 with Bhanu Ssavant. Prior to this, he worked for leading technology MNCs such as Samsung, Zayani, Moser Baer, and MMore. His area of expertise lies in strategizing and driving sales through teams and distribution channels.