Benefits of Advanced Distribution Management System

April 28, 2023

Key Takeaways:

  1. Increased efficiency and productivity through streamlined operations.
  2. Real-time data insights for data-driven decision-making.
  3. Improved customer satisfaction and loyalty through accurate and timely deliveries.

For most companies, Distribution Channels are the primary ways to reach products to their customers. These distribution channels are assisted by the distributors who inform the sales team about the demands and supplies in the market. Not only that, but the distributors also alert the sales team of a company about all market trends.

All this information not only helps the company to get ahead of its competitors but also ensures that its products are being delivered to the customers on time.

However easy the process might sound, without proper management, the process becomes just as tough for the sales team. All the information about the customers, products, distribution channels, distributors, and inventory might jumble up and confuse the employees. And this confusion might lead to the loss of company resources. What to do then?

One solution that would help the members of the sales team to manage information effectively is a Distribution Management System. The first and foremost thing that you will notice in a Distribution Management System would be the intuitive dashboard that contains all kinds of graphs and charts. These graphs and charts contain information from the database that the software has arranged for the user’s convenience.

Along with this feature, a distribution management system is equipped with features that would only simplify the process of managing the distribution system. Let’s get into the details.

Maintain Organizational And Systematization

With a distribution management system, the organization and systemization of information regarding anything will become very simple. With the intuitive dashboard of the distribution management system, you can easily access important information with only a click of a button. Moreover, this information is often arranged in graphs and charts that often further simplify the task of the sales team. This software would even keep a record of old information for future reference. With the help of this information, the sales team can easily get useful insights into the previous actions and analyze their next strategy on the basis of that.

Convenient For Customers

Customers are often benefited from this process. With the proper use of a Distribution Management System, the products of a company are made available to the customers right on time. Hence, when a customer needs products they are always able to find those products in their nearby stores. Hence, in the end, not only does the company benefit but a distribution management system also makes it convenient for the customers to avail of the required products.

Dealer Plan

With the help of a Distribution Management System, the sales team can easily keep an eye on all of the distribution channels. The distributors are often unorganized or lack a proper management system to keep track of all the things that are happening in the market. But a distribution management system will allow the sales team to keep track of the market very easily.

Benefits Of Advanced Distribution Management System For Small Businesses

There are only a few differences between a small business and a large business. Some of them are the customer base and the amount of data they have to handle. These factors actually affect the functionality of the business a lot. While large businesses can afford more employees to manage their information, small businesses cannot afford to keep large numbers of employees. However, the management of information is important in both small and large businesses. But, as we all know by now, information management is not the only feature of a Distribution Management System. Let’s see how a Distribution Management System can help small businesses.

Low Cost

A Distribution Management System would help a business save costs in a lot of ways. Some businesses rely solely upon their distribution channels to reach their goods and services to their customers. Now, businesses might have to transport their goods to urban as well as rural areas. Hence, a good transportation system is not something a business can expect at all times. However, with proper management, these types of hurdles can be overcome quite easily. Here, a Distribution Management System can help them a lot.

With the help of a distribution management system, the sales team can easily track down the route the goods are being delivered to their respective destinations. This ensures that the goods are being delivered in the most cost-effective way. Plus, with the help of a Distribution Management System, you can easily keep track of the inventory on a real-time basis. This way, when a distributor asks you to send a certain product, then you won’t have to worry about whether you would have to produce the product or whether it is already stocked in the inventory. All you will have to do is check the software and you will know the status of the product. Hence, you not only save a lot of time, but you also save on the cost of production as you will be able to avoid issues like overstocking and understocking.

Hence, a Distribution Management System can help you to carry on business functions at a considerably low cost. For every small business, it is a huge plus point, since they have to optimally utilize every penny and resource to get the best results.

Better Enterprise Time Management

There are a lot of tasks in Distribution Management that take a lot of time, yet they can be easily automated with the help of a Distribution Management System. Several tasks are repetitive yet consume a lot of time for the employees. Hence, it gets important to lift up the responsibilities of these tasks from the employees’ shoulders. A Distribution Management System can automate these tasks with the help of all the data present in the database.

This not only relieves the employees of tedious tasks but also saves valuable time when they could be getting jobs done that generate profit and revenue for the company.

Inventory is one of the most important aspects of Distribution Management. Inventory is the place where companies store already produced products to meet future demands of the customers. Hence, the next time a distributor asks the sales team to send a particular product, they do not have to waste valuable time first producing and then transporting those products to the destination location. But to optimally utilize the inventory, the company would need to keep real-time track of it. A Distribution Management System is enough to do the job. This way, the company can not only avoid overstocking or understocking goods, but they can also give the sales team insights on the demand of the customers.

Monitor Your Company For Problems

As said before, the distribution management system can give you valuable insights into the market and customer demand. With the help of these insights, the sales team can determine which good is selling the most and which good has the least demand in the market. Hence, the next time they take a decision about the production of the products, they can easily do that keeping the insights in mind.

Furthermore, the system helps the sales team keep healthy connection with the distributors. Hence, when the time comes, the distributors can give useful insights on the market on a real time basis. For example, when the demand of a certain product is about to be low, the distributors can easily inform the sales team about that. On the basis of that information, they can plan their production of that good.

Efficiency – Fast Trading

With the help of the distribution management system, the sales team can easily plan out their distribution of products. Hence, with a proper planning, the process of distribution of products becomes way faster than before. Plus, the process can be sort out efficiently.

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