How Sales Management Software Can Help Sanitaryware Industry?

April 18, 2023

Key Takeaways:

  1. Boosts Efficiency: Sales management software can streamline operations in the sanitaryware industry, leading to increased efficiency and productivity.
  2. Improves Customer Relationships: By providing better customer data management and improving communication channels, the software can help to build stronger relationships with customers.
  3. Enables Data-Driven Decision-Making: With real-time insights into sales performance and inventory levels, sales management software enables data-driven decision-making in the sanitaryware industry.

It is known pretty well by now that, Sales are one of the primary things every business focuses on. It is the primary source of revenue for businesses and they do their best to increase their businesses. There are a number of ways to do that. Currently, companies are focusing on assigning the task of efficiently managing sales to a Sales Management Software. This way, companies are not only able to manage their information better than before but also can come up with strategies that can help companies increase sales.

Now, in the Sanitaryware Industry, the customer base of each company is huge. No matter what the size of the company is, the number of potential customers is huge. Hence, every company is always striving to grab the attention of these customers. At some point, they might even manage to do that, but retaining them is the most difficult part of the conversion process. Customers hardly stick to a company when they are not engaged in the right manner.

In this industry, as customers have a lot of options open for them, customers can easily move on from one company to another. Hence, it is important to keep up a healthy connection with the customers.

Customer & Follow-Up Management

Engaging with customers is essential to keep them from forgetting about your company. And this engagement consists of all the factors that would keep the customers interested in finding out all about the products of your company. For example, you send your customers a promotional mail about the exciting features of the new model of sink that you have launched in the market. And then after a month of that promotional mail campaign, you follow up the emails with another set of emails that now contains a coupon code for the model that you had promoted to them the previous month. Now, it is unfair to assume that all the people that you have mailed would be interested in either the model or the coupon. But, to the least everyone who has opened your mail would be aware of the products and the company name.

Hence, the next time they think about buying a sink, they would surely think about your company once. And this actually counts. Even when the person is no longer interested in your products, sending these emails would keep the name of your company at the front of their minds.

This whole process can be easily carried out with the help of a Sales Management Software. This software can alert you about all the customers or the potential customers that need to be contacted. Moreover, you do not lose any opportunity of acquiring new customers for the company.

Tracking Features – Calls & GPS

Within a company, the sales team is the one that is generally the most concerned about sales. It is their job to increase sales. But to maintain a proper analysis of how each employee is performing, you must track their performance. It is a crucial way to improve the productivity of the whole team.

Moreover, it is important to maintain healthy communication between all the members of the team. Especially the supervisors and subordinates. It improves the performance of the team and increases productivity.

A Sales Management Software can easily track performance and keep a reliable record of the calls made by the members of the team. Hence, when needed, the members can refer to the calls later on. These two features of the Sales Management Software help the company to maintain an eligible team and hence increase sales.

Order Management

Order Management refers to the tracking of all the orders from the customers or the assets that the employees order. With the help of this software, one can easily make sure that the orders are being delivered to the right person at the right time.

A Sales Management Software can help you can keep real-time track of the inventory. The inventory is a place where the company stores the already-produced goods and uses them as needed. When you have real-time information on this inventory, you will easily know when to produce products and when not to produce products. This way you not only waste fewer resources but also save on the costs of production.

Here, the targets are referred to as the set goals of the sales team. Every month, the sales team has to get a minimum number of sales for the company. Based on these targets the team is allowed a certain amount of incentives. These functions can be carried out by the software. And since the software can also track the performance of the employees, the software can integrate all this information and calculate the incentives for the employees very easily.

Most companies depend on Distribution Channels to reach their products to their customers in time. These distribution channels are led by the distributors who read the demand and trends of the customers and the market respectively. Then they inform the company about the products they need in the market and ones that they don’t need anymore.

The management of these distribution channels and the distributors are called Distribution Management. Without proper management of the distributors and the distribution channels, the products of the company won’t reach the customers on time and they might incur heavy losses due to that.

Payment Management consists of all the monetary transactions of a company. Here, the company must keep proper track of every transaction they are performing as it is directly related to a company’s monetary factors.

Again, a Sales Management System can help a company with these processes. From the management of the distributors to insights into the market the company is working in, all the aspects of the distribution channels can be taken care of by the sales management system. With this software, you can easily keep track of the products that are being sent to reach the stores and finally to the customers.

Suppose, your company has sent out a batch of products to be distributed in a few stores in a town. There are a few ways to get to the place. Now, it is mandatory that the transport takes the shortest and the fastest road to the town and then to the store. Hence, the sales team would need to keep a check on the road they are taking to the store, then they would have to make sure that the products reach the destination on time and then the customers. Then the payment of all the people involved in the transportation of the goods would need to be taken care of.

Now, you can see how helpful the software would be if it can help the team to manage the whole process.

Quote & Invoice

Quotes and invoices are the basic means of keeping records of all the transactions happening in the business. The tradition of keeping quotes and invoices has been maintained for a long time, be it traditional marketing or digital marketing. Before the digitization of marketing, these invoices and quotes were delivered in hard copies, whereas with the introduction of digital marketing, they are now kept in soft copies by all businesses.

The members of the sales team have to travel sometimes. The company obviously reimburses the expenses incurred by them at the time of travel. This is when the question of tracking such expenses arises. But without a proper system to track the expenses, the team might either lose track of expenses or the company might suffer loss in case of wrongful demand of travel reimbursement. With the help of a sales management software, both the employees and the supervisors can keep track of expenses the team might have done during their sales travels. This is one of the small, yet important features of a sales management software.

The sales management software would help you get valuable insights and informative reports on all the expenses incurred by the members of the sales team due to traveling. The software would even help the accounts team verify the sales team’s reimbursement requests.

The main function of a SaaS software is to manage information about the business. Hence, when the sales team acquires a customer, all the information available about that person is stored in the company’s database. However, to make it easier for the information to be found later, it is important that it is stored in an accessible way. The Sales Management Software does this job for them.

The software not only stores updated information about the clients of a company, but also provides the sales team with all the previous activities of the clients. This helps the team members to analyze customer behavior and plan their strategies according to those conclusions.

Activities & Complaints Management

Here, complaints refer to the complaints and queries of the customers of the company. And you can already guess what activity here might mean. Here, activities refer to the customer activities of the company. Both of these factors are very important for the company. These factors provide the sales team with information that they can utilize to improve their products and services. From the customer activities, the sales team can easily analyze market trends, or what the customers are looking for or are liking or not liking about the products.

Customer complaints not only give the sales team an opportunity to keep the customers happy with their customer services. When a customer registers a complaint about products or services, it is automatically recorded in the Sales Management Software. Later on, the sales team can go through this information to know the features or the faults of the products and services that the customers are using.

Attendance & Leave Management

With the help of this software, the sales team can easily manage the attendance and leave of all the members of the team. That way, the calculation of factors like performance and salary becomes easy for the accounting department to calculate.

Stock Management

Stock is the way a company stores pre-produced goods for the fulfillment of future demand of the customers. The process of production depends a lot on the products available in the stock. If the said products are already available, then there would not be any need to produce them again. But if the said goods are not available in the stock, then the product would need to be produced.

Hence, it is very important to keep a real-time track of the stock and manage it. Any mismanagement of stock can lead to overstocking or understocking of the product. And therefore, the company would face serious losses.

This feature additionally helps the company to save costs in the production process. With an accurate determination of whether the company needs to produce a particular product, it can avoid wasting valuable resources.

Reports & Analytics

This is one of the most important features of Sales Management Software. Along with keeping records of various information, both old and new, it also prepares valuable reports and helps the sales team to come to analytical conclusions from the information. Later on, they can easily take calculated decisions on the basis of those reports and analytics.

The Sanitaryware Industry is a huge industry where millions of customers are searching for the right company to rely on every day. Most of the time, companies suffer from low sales and revenue generation due to poor or complete lack of information management. Along with that, the task of customer retention is not an easy job. If the information is not managed properly, the task can get really tiring for the employees and the results of that would be dissatisfied customers. And nobody wants that. However, it is not mandatory that the company would need to have a Sales Management Software to be able to manage their sales efficiently, but the software definitely helps. Moreover, it has been proven that a Sales Management Software helps companies to increase its sales.

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