How Can Sales Force Automation Benefit The FMCG Industry?

February 10, 2023

Key Takeaways:

  • Sales Force Automation Softwares makes the process of sales more efficient and faster with the help of customer tracking, performance tracking, insights on previous sales, and a lot more.
  • The advantages of a Sales Force Automation Software for the FMCG Industry are huge. From the accuracy of customer data, saves time for employees, increased productivity of the sales reps, etc

The Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) Industry has created a huge marketplace for several companies. We all see and use these products on a regular basis. All retail stores are filled with these goods. In short, the FMCG Market consists of the goods that are used on a daily basis. For example, packaged foods, beverages, toiletries, etc. all come under the FMCG Industry. Most of the companies selling FMCG products have to face huge competition in the market. That is because the market is huge and there are probably more than 100 companies, from small to huge companies, struggling to make a place for themselves in the market.

Sales being the most important aspect of every business, companies have to put continuous effort into making the process easier and faster. Because the faster and more efficient the sales process is, customer acquisition gets a lot easier. Due to these needs, Sales Force Automation Softwares are getting more and more popular. They accelerate the sales process by automating the mundane tasks included in the sales process.

What Is Sales Force Automation?

Sales Force Automation Softwares makes the process of sales more efficient and faster with the help of customer tracking, performance tracking, insights on previous sales, and a lot more. Besides that, a Sales Force Automation Software has an intuitive dashboard that collects and organises data in comprehensible graphs. Due to the ready availability of information, the process of sales becomes a lot faster and more efficient.

One of the greatest features of Sales Force Automation Softwares is GPS enabled employee monitoring. This helps in monitoring the employees on a real-time basis and keeping track of their activity. Not only that. A Sales Force Automation Software can also keep track of a company’s remote workforce with the same efficiency. Therefore, in the long run, the overall performance of the employees naturally improves.

The advantages of a Sales Force Automation Software for the FMCG Industry are huge. Their continuous need of convincing people to buy their product and not their competitors’, drive them to improve their sales process. This mainly happens due to the hundreds of companies trying to sell more or less the same products under different names.

Here, the need to convince potential customers to buy a particular company’s product is not easy. Hence, companies need to be faster and more effective than their competitors. A Sales Force Automation Software can help these companies out immensely. Let’s look at the advantages of Sales Force Automation for the FMCG Industry.

Accuracy Of Customer Data:

Companies in the FMCG industry can immensely benefit from sales force automation software due to the level of accuracy it can ensure. It relieves the employees from mundane and repetitive tasks like data entry for various requirements. Automation of data entry tasks can help reduce inaccuracies, improve efficiency and save a lot of time. The time saved through these processes can be allotted to more fruitful tasks like customer acquisition. The magnitude of the customer base being huge in the FMCG Industry, there is always a possibility of making mistakes while entering the same data multiple times that cannot be recovered again. And losing the valuable data of a customer is equal to losing the customer. That is irrevocable damage.

Saves Time For Employees:

As mentioned above, automation of mundane tasks can save time and relieve employees from carrying out these tedious tasks. Instead of manually entering data into the system to check previous sales records or tracking performance, they can easily check them from the intuitive dashboard. Instead, this time can be employed in jobs that generate revenues, like opening and closing deals and retaining more customers.

In addition to that, in the FMCG Industry, the sales process has to be accelerated as the customers in this sector tend to be a mix of all people from every sector. And the products of the industry are such, that if a customer has to wait for even a second longer in the sales process, the chances are they are going to move to a different alternative. And it’s not even like they have to look for another equally good alternative. There are loads of companies selling the same product. For example, a store will sell Oreos and Parle cookies on the same aisle. If the customer does not find Oreos, they will pick the Parle cookies just as easily.

Increased Productivity Of The Sales Reps

With the help of a Sales Force Automation Software, the team can easily measure and track the performance of the employees. Also, the software enables the team to have better goal visibility. This encourages the employees to improve their performance.

In addition to that, as the employees can focus more on revenue generation, rather than giving time to tasks like data entry, the productivity of the employees naturally increases. Hence, the automation of most of the tasks in the sales process helps in acceleration of the sales process and hence improved customer acquisition. In the end, the company is immensely benefitting from the Sales Force Automation Software.

Better Insights Of Goals Achieved

From the dashboard of the Sales Force Automation Software, employees can get a lot of information. The intuitive dashboard of the software collects and arranges data in such a way that the information is ready to be read and analysed. In the same way, insights from previous sales and closed deals give the employees the way to judge the prior actions taken and henceforth decide on their future actions in a way the company is benefited in the end.

Hence, when a team member is trying to find the performance record of the last month so that they can compare the sales of razors for the last two months, they would not have to hunt down the whole database for one excel sheet. The data would be available on the dashboard, arranged in a clear graph or chart that is easy to read and comprehend.

Collaboration Of The Whole Team

As the companies in the FMCG Industry grow, the competition from the hundreds of other companies selling almost the same products increases. At this point, all that matters is the uniqueness of how to sell it. For example, Oreos became so popular because of how it was advertised. In India, it is the only cookie that is advertised with that unique twist, lick, and dunk process of eating. When the ad came to India, every kid wanted to eat Oreos with milk! This could not have the work of only one person. A lot of people from different departments were involved in the success of the advertisement. Hence, the need for a collaborative working environment is very important. As matching a sales strategy with the sales process is important, accelerating the sales process with the increase of the number of customers is as important. When a whole team is working towards a single goal, rather than just achieving their monthly or annual target, they are more likely to achieve what is best for the company and not just for themselves.

With the help of the Sales Force Automation Software, all the members of the sales team have access to all the information that has been collected and/or inputted into the database. This way, the sales team gets insight into the actions that are already taken and the actions that still need to be taken. Other than that, they can easily know their targets and their performance from the software. With these, each employee is more likely to be motivated to improve their performance.

From the above mentioned advantages, you can already predict that Sales Force Automation Softwares can easily handle the huge customer base as well as the level of efficiency the industry demands in case of the sales process. Without an efficient and effective sales process, a company in the FMCG Industry is inevitable to perish. However, if the companies can employ and optimally utilise the functions and features of a sales force automation system, the sales process is going to see a huge improvement. As the FMCG Industry is a really dynamic industry, with new products being introduced almost every month, the need to accelerate the sales process has now become a necessity for every company. Customers are always curious about new products. If you can provide them with that unique product at the right time, then the market is yours. And to do that, you will need to improve your sales process.

In conclusion, all that is left to say is that a Sales Force Automation tool has the potential to change the course of the sales process of a company. However, it is only possible if the tool is utilised optimally. Automation of any process can itself accelerate a lot of tasks. In addition, a robust sales force automation tool holds the capability to make hard to find information available at your fingertips. The intuitive dashboard can simplify a lot of tasks that could have taken a lot of time if done manually.

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