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These 11 Nural products are no less than 11 technology wonders that are specially designed to address the diverse needs of organizations of all scales and shapes. Using these software, you can drastically streamline, automate, organize, and optimize business activities, achieving optimal output and higher customer satisfaction. Each of the products has its own set of advantages, but when implemented together, they provide a comprehensive all-in-one solution that is exactly what your business needs!

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Sales &
Marketing Management Software

Nural Leads Software

Nural Leads is a cutting-edge Lead management software that assists firms with lead generation, follow-up, and closure. When used effectively by the marketing and sales teams, our Lead management will help you improve revenue opportunities, profit projections, customer lifetime value, and churn analysis.

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Nural DMS Software

Nural DMS is a cloud-based distribution management system that lets you manage inventories, purchase orders, and sales activities, all from a single platform. It allows you to efficiently manage your distribution system, ensuring a steady supply of material across your value chain.

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Nural SFA Software

Nural SFA or Nural sales force automation software will help you organize, optimize, and automate your on-field activities as well as manage your remote workforce. The software also enables offline working in weak or no signal conditions, ensuring that every employee activity is recorded.

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Nural ISP Software

Nural ISP is a mobile app designed to manage sales promoters effectively. Its main purpose is to track, monitor, and enhance your indoor sales force. With its intuitive interface, the app seamlessly integrates essential features such as tracking, monitoring, positioning, planning, reporting, market analysis, assignment, and support requests. Both sales demonstrators and managers can access these features on their mobile phones, allowing for streamlined communication and collaboration.

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Asset Management Software

Nural Assets Software

Nural Assets provides automated and seamless asset monitoring and management solutions that improve supervision operations and provide better control over asset reporting, users, and inventory management. The software also enables you to monitor the status of all your distributed assets in real-time.

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Service Management Software

Nural CRM Software

Nural customer service software is well-designed technology that allows organizations to provide quality customer support and build long-lasting customer relationships. Equipped with multiple features and functions, our CRM will enhance CSAT and client retention while reducing churn rate.

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Nural ASM software

Nural's well-designed after-sales management system has various innovative features that will provide you with a holistic view of service operations, allowing you to better serve your customers by giving them all the assistance and support they need. In a nutshell, it will help firms improve customer satisfaction and retention.

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Nural Field Software

The Nural Field management system monitors asset activity, provides asset status, organizes daily business operations and client communication, maintains contracts, decreases after-sales support turn-around time, and identifies and visualizes essential business data.

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