Nural Assets Software Features

Nural Asset Management solution is one of the best asset tracking tools. Our software includes all of the necessary functionality, is highly scalable, and is simple to use. From asset registration to asset allocation to asset maintenance and asset audit– it assists you in performing all of these processes smoothly and efficiently. The following are the 8 primary features or modules of Nural Asset Management Software. Let’s take a quick look at each of them.

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User Management

The Nural Asset allows organizations to add entities such as regional offices, departments, and users. You can later add additional info about each of these entities, such as their role, department, and so on. This information will assist you in determining what type of asset that individual will require in order to perform their job efficiently. You can eventually assign them the same set of resources

Asset Management

Organizations of all sizes can use our well-designed Asset Management Software to perform a range of asset management tasks such as adding assets in bulk, issuing and returning assets, transferring assets, managing defective assets, and performing depreciation analysis, among others. This ensures that your assets are used optimally and that there is little or no resource wastage

Inventory Management

Firms can also manage inventory operations with Nural Asset. For example, you can use the system to manage MSL (Minimum Stock Level) and set up auto orders for specific assets or equipment. Moreover, the Nural software allows you to manage loaner devices– temporary devices issued to users while their device is being repaired or serviced

Asset Ticket Management

The Nural Asset Management software allows users to file tickets for the devices when they encounter a technical issue with a device. The system also assists you with repair and defect updates, AMC updates, and creating periodic repair activities. This will eventually ensure that all devices and assets are properly working and remain in good condition

Intuitive Dashboard

The intuitive dashboard of the Nural Asset provides you with valuable asset management insights. Organizations can use dashboard data to learn about their overall asset base, asset warranty expiration, tickets and activity aging, returns due, future audits, and much more. This will eventually assist you in managing the assets in the most efficient manner

Multiple Reports

The Nural Asset Management Software can also generate a range of reports, including asset history, multi-location inventory, repair history, spare inventory, purchase requisitions, and much more. These reports not only provide insights into the effectiveness of your assets and resources, but also assist you in finding and fixing gaps in the workflow and preventing resource waste

Schedule Maintenance

The Nural Asset Management system also allows firms to schedule maintenance activities in order to make the best use of their work centers. You may use the software to reduce asset downtime and boost productivity, keep track of your maintenance backlog, and get an easy-to-understand overview of your maintenance schedule

Asset Audit

In addition to the above-mentioned operational activities, the Nural Asset Management Software enables enterprises to schedule self and third-party audits. Organizations can use our system to assign auditors, set time frames, and conduct audits on a regular basis. This exercise will guarantee that there is no resource leakage and that everything is in order

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