Nural ASM Software Features

The top 10 Nural service CRM features that make the product one of the best After Sales Management Software are listed below. From complaint allocation to warranty administration, repair management, logistics management, and claim management, the tool enables you to perform all after-sales service-related operations. Let’s take a quick look at each of the features and modules.

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Call Center

The call center module of the Nural service CRM software enables firms to easily manage all inbound and outbound calls. In addition, the functionality allows users to easily register new service requests, manage customer inquiries, and address technical difficulties faced by customers. In a nutshell, it is a small-scale call center where organizations undertake all after-sales service management activities

Call Allocation

The call allocation features facilitate you to allocate service requests to different agents and centers. The tool will allow you to categorize customer complaints by city, zip code, and product. Later, you can transfer these complaints to the appropriate service center or service representative. This will ultimately streamline and accelerate the repair request allocation and service processes

Warranty Management

The warranty management module of Nural Service CRM will allow service centers to determine whether a product is under warranty or not. To properly verify the warranty terms, you can ask customers or agents to submit appropriate document proof, such as a purchase invoice, product serial number, or warranty card

Repair Management

Once the complaint has been registered, you can also manage the repair process with Nural service CRM. The software will allow you to route complaints to specific agents depending on their expertise, availability, and product type. In addition, you can also provide customers with a service quotation, an estimated time frame, and problem details

Repair Transfer

The repair transfer capabilities will empower an organization or service term to transfer a repair complaint based on its service levels, such as L1, L2, L3, and L4. For example, if the complaint is not resolved at the L1 level, it will be escalated to the next level. This process will be repeated until the complaint is resolved. This will eventually simplify the process and lower the average resolution time

Logistics Management

The logistics management module will enable the repair and service department to coordinate the transfer and pick-up of faulty components from the ordering party or their end-users. The tool also assists you with forward delivery, reverse delivery, and short shipment, among other logistics operations. This will provide you with a detailed account of the equipment, allowing you to schedule further processes accordingly

Order Management

The Nural service’s order management module CRM enables the repair and service management team to place orders for defective parts and track them until they arrive. The order can be sent to the head office, parent organization, or the designated authority. Besides, you can also check the spare parts credits and renew or increase them as necessary

Claim Management

The Nural Service CRM also assists businesses or repair and service teams with claims processing. You can use the module to handle service claims, parts claims, replenishments, and travel claims. In addition, the software allows you to upload supporting documents for your expenses or repairs and then share them with the appropriate authority or management

Technical Repair Center (TRC) Management

In addition to these multiple management services, the Nural service CRM enables enterprises to manage the L4 level Technical Repair Center (TRC) administration. You can perform fault analysis, scrap approval, and tear-down management, among other things. This will ensure that the service center is always in good shape and provides the best customer service possible

Maintenance Management

The Nural Service CRM’s maintenance management module will enable organizations or service teams to automate maintenance activities. For example, with this feature, a service team can plan annual maintenance, designate agents to conduct that maintenance, perform outbound calling, and design a preventative maintenance schedule

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