Killivalavan Kandavelu

Head Service Automotive SBU

The Client

Established in 2000, the Amara Raja Group is a conglomerate of 7 companies with a presence in 36 countries and over 40,000 channel partners. They are a leading manufacturer of automotive and industrial lead-acid batteries in India.


  • Service plays a crucial role in the battery supply business.
  • Ensuring the quality of batteries and identifying defects promptly is essential.
  • Timely communication with manufacturing teams to take necessary actions based on defect analysis.
  • Managing sufficient buffer stocks to ensure quick turnaround time for battery service.
  • Tracking residual warranty of batteries becomes challenging as the battery population increases.
  • With a strong sales presence, there is a need for an automated and robust battery service management tool.


What Nural Did?

  • Nural provided a comprehensive Field Service Management Solution accessible through both web and a Service Technician App.
  • The solution included a Service CRM module for efficient call management.
  • Calls were seamlessly pushed to the designated local service partners for prompt response and resolution.
  • The system enabled checking the warranty status of batteries using their serial numbers, ensuring accurate warranty coverage.
  • Service technicians were able to perform battery tests and upload detailed reports directly through the app.
  • Buffer stock management functionality allowed for efficient inventory control and timely replenishment.
  • The Service Dashboard provided a centralised view of service activities, performance metrics, and key insights for effective decision-making and monitoring.

This solution has evolved into a powerful tool that Amaron is exploring to install the same as a battery Swap Solution for their International Distributors.

Companies that use Nural Products

Companies that use Nural Products

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