Abhijeet Kalyankar

Senior Director

The Client

Fiserv is a leading global provider of financial services technology. With local presence in India since 2005, their solutions connect financial institutions, large and small businesses and consumers to one another, both locally and globally, through millions of behind the scenes transactions, reliably and securely.


In their merchant acquisitions business, they need to manage the entire life cycle of:

  • Delivering POS machines,
  • Installing the POS machines,
  • Maintaining the same and
  • Reinstalling the POS in case of contract closure.

During the utilisation of indoor sales management software, task management becomes more efficient and streamlined. It encompasses various crucial functions such as:

  • Addressing POS machine breakdowns,
  • Managing the need for paper roll consumables to generate tickets on CRM,
  • Routing complaints to the nearest technician, and
  • Ensuring timely closure of complaints.

The software also provides a comprehensive dashboard that allows businesses to monitor the status of open and closed complaints, ensuring that all resolutions are achieved within the specified TAT (Turnaround Time) and SLA (Service Level Agreement).

What Nural Did?

Nural’s Field Service Management Solution is available in two formats: web-based and as a Service Technician App. The solution encompasses a range of modules designed to enhance service operations.

  • Service CRM for Call Management: The Service CRM module enables efficient call management, ensuring seamless handling of customer inquiries.
  • Nural Service Technician App: The Nural Service Technician App facilitates the smooth flow of various service calls and notifications to technicians, enabling prompt response and resolution.
  • Nural Buffer Stock Management: Nural Buffer Stock Management module optimises inventory control, ensuring the availability of essential spare parts and supplies.
  • Service Dashboard: The Service Dashboard provides a comprehensive overview of service operations, enabling real-time monitoring and analysis of key performance metrics.

The solution seamlessly integrates with merchant acquisition systems, enhancing operational efficiency and data accuracy.

Due to its effectiveness, this solution has gained recognition globally, with companies like Fiserv implementing it successfully in countries such as Australia and Indonesia. Through continuous evolution and innovation, Nural’s Field Service Management Solution has emerged as a powerful tool for businesses in optimising their service operations and enhancing customer satisfaction.

Companies that use Nural Products

Companies that use Nural Products

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