Rajan Jha

Jaina India Pvt Ltd

The Client

Karbonn Mobiles is an Indian smartphone manufacturer founded in 2009. They offer a wide range of mobile devices and accessories to cater to the needs of Indian consumers. With a strong presence across the country and a large retail network, Karbonn ensures widespread availability of their products.


  • Karbonn took over the Gionee mobile handset business in 2017 and needed a seamless solution to manage the same as well as Service for the Combined mobile handset business.
  • We were already a strong automation partner for Gionee over the last several years. Now they wanted to have an integrated solution to operate a multi-brand environment for Karbonn as well as Gionee.
  • The systems used at Karbonn sales was Microsoft Dynamics AX for sales as well as Service. Looking at all options of integration Karbonn chose to move the Dynamics AX data into Nural Service for Service management.

What Nural Did?

  • Nural offered a customised version of Nural Service dedicated hosted for Jaina. It had all the regular features of an CRM, After Sales Service management including 3rd party Franchisee reimbursement management.
  • In addition, we also offered API based integration with the Dynamics AX system to transfer sales data on a real time basis.
  • Karbonn continued to use the Nural DMS system for managing Distribution channel sales which they took over from Gionee. They moved the Karbonn Sales management also into this system. Now they have a Brand wise view of business as well as a combined view on the various business KPIs.

Companies that use Nural Products

Companies that use Nural Products

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Seven separate enterprise-level customised business tools are provided by Nural, a company that develops business solutions. Each of our products is packed with features, easy to use, and created to fulfil a certain need. Organisations can address a variety of business challenges and accomplish a variety of goals related to sales, asset management, customer service, and more by implementing the Nural Suite of Products (Nural Leads, Nural SFA, Nural DMS, Nural Scheme, Nural CRM, Nural After Service, Nural Field SFA, and Nural Service Scheme, as well as Nural Assets and Nural Analytics).

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