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National Channel Head

The Client

Our client – Kohler, is a well-known American manufacturer best known for its plumbing and kitchenware products. The company develops and distributes a wide range of bathroom fixtures and kitchen faucets worldwide.


Our client- Kohler, was dealing with several challenges on the sales front, which were impeding the company’s growth. Some of the major challenges they were facing included:

  • Difficulties in assembling and managing information: The sales team or salesperson had to spend more time sourcing and analyzing information about their day-to-day work requirements than on the actual work that adds value to the business.
  • Flawed SKU management: With over 4500 SKUs the Sales Team had to manually create and update each SKU, there was always the possibility of errors in pricing, product quantity,product variations by color, product details, and so on. This limitation usually resulted in incorrect quotations.
  • Manual, error-prone quotation process: The team had to prepare manual quotations for each prospect/client. This exercise was not only time-consuming but also error-prone since the team had to refer to multiple documents.
  • Unorganized training programs for new employees: The organization was also experiencing trouble with its induction training programs. The lack of organized processes or systems makes it impossible for them to train each new hire proficiently.
  • An unstructured product training program: Similarly to the induction program, there was no automated system for the product training program. It was the sales team’s responsibility to gather information and train themselves whenever a new product was introduced.
  • Opaque visibility into performance and goal attainment: There was no real-time leaderboard for members to track their performance. This constraint was eventually impeding the growth of individuals, the sales team, and the organization as a whole.

Kohler was in search for a solution that would not only address all of these issues but also assist them in meeting their business objectives to a great extent.

What Nural Did?

The first thing our team did was to get to the bottom of each of Kohler’s challenges. After thoroughly analyzing their products, processes, requirements, and objectives, we provided them with one of our cutting-edge, data-driven enterprise solutions- Nural Sales.

The tool includes multiple innovative features and modules such as:

  • Lead management,
  • Attendance management,
  • Sales management,
  • Quotation management,
  • Product (SKU) management,
  • Target and incentive management,
  • Learning and development management, and
  • Audit and marketing

More to it, the tool comes with a clutter-free, purely informative dashboard that replaces complex sales reports with intuitive infographics, allowing sales representatives and management to better understand the progress and always have a clear idea of how the sales strategy is performing.

In a nutshell, as per our analysis and experience, Nural Sales was the ideal solution for addressing all of the challenges that the Kohler sales team was facing.

Companies that use Nural Products

Companies that use Nural Products

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