Joydeep Chakraborty

Sales Operations Lead

The Client

The most well-known goods made by our customer, Motorola India, an established American company, are mobile phones and tablets. The business produces and sells a variety of tablets and mobile devices all over the world.


Through a network of national distributors and a chain of dealers and retailers below, Motorola operates in the fast-paced mobile device sector. They have been expanding and increasing their market share. They have invested in business intelligence automation to keep up with the fast and ambitious expansion ambitions. The numerous adjustments included

  • Daily Sales Pipeline: The lifeblood of any firm is its daily sales at ND, Distributor, and Retailer. Real-time sales management information systems are and have been a difficulty.
  • The Movement of Stocks: Currently, where stocks are, It takes quite some time and effort to gather information such as “In the warehouse,” “In Transit,” “Expected Due date,” etc. before it is too late to make a decision.
  • Understanding fast-moving Goods: Data from all the numerous daily reports completed by various members of the sales team must be compiled to determine which SKUs move quickly and which do not. Without the usage of systems, this activity is virtually impossible when you have a sales staff of more than 100 people.
  • Scheme management: Using schemes to boost sales is standard practice in the sector, and every brand must employ similar strategies. Payout management is a very challenging and labour-intensive task that frequently requires a month to audit, reconcile, and execute the payouts.
  • Understanding the Travel of Every Mobile Handset: Understanding the travel of every handset is essential to defining the net realisation, time in transit, and challenges encountered.

In order to fulfil their needs for business intelligence, Motorola was looking for a solution provider who could assist them in automating all Distributor/ Dealer Sales and Inventory Management.

What Nural Did?

Our team started by analysing Motorola’s business requirements in order to determine which features were already present in their Nural DMS. They also determined what adjustments would be necessary to meet all of Motorola’s business intelligence requirements.

The provided solution was Nural DMS, which had the following features

  • Storage and Goods Movement
  • EDI data exchange integration with national distributors’ systems
  • Management of Product (SKU) Management Scheme
  • Dashboard of the CEO

The product was created with an intuitive dashboard so that the decision-making team could make decisions without having to sift through numerous reports and raw data. In a Nutshell, this Nural DMS was the most ideal solution to take care of the pain areas of the Motorola team and its management.

Companies that use Nural Products

Companies that use Nural Products

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