Vineet Sharma

National Sales Manager

The Client

Privately held and situated in the UK, Nothing has funding from GV (previously Google Ventures), EQT Ventures, C Ventures, and other individuals. Carl Pei promotes the business. Nothing is spurring the world to change. We’re here to unleash creativity, bring back the fun in technology, and motivate our community to co-create the future.


Nothing works in India with a small crew and relies largely on automation to run their businesses and services. For managing smooth information sharing with the feet on the ground and management, they were searching for a Distributor Management System (DMS) and Sales Force Management (SFA).

Nothing wished to automate some of the painful areas, which included:

  • Primary Sales: Nothing would make me happier than to observe the primary sales made by distributors and the trend growth of their business.
  • Secondary Sales: Nothing was tracked because the health of the business is indicated by the secondary sales.
  • Tertiary Sales: They wanted data on tertiary sales to be populated automatically based on the activation of Smart Phones provided by the factory.
  • Inventory management: The Company uploads the Primary Sales, while the Distributors post the Secondary Sales, allowing for transparent visibility of Stocks at various stages of business.
  • Pre-Booking: They are prepared to employ the Distributor log-ins and Pre Booking capability to assure the successful launch of the newer models as needed.
  • Scheme Management: Nothing wishes to reward Distributors for activation that is time-based. To provide this result for the Nothing Management, the existing system is reliable and real-time.

What Nural Did?

With the aforementioned capabilities and functionalities, Nural gave them the Nural DMS solution. And Nural DMS helped Nothing in the following ways:

  • Nothing has real-time access to their Primary, Secondary, and Tertiary Sales. They can monitor how long it takes between Primary Sales and Activation and make management decisions about how to shorten it. The Management can take prompt action to push out the same employing a scheme method because the Inventory is over 30/60/90.
  • They can position the inventories regionally to meet the demand for the new product for a new product launch based on the pre-bookings, which helps to ensure a successful launch.
  • Secondary sales upload is connected to Scheme Management depending on a specified time period. This incentivizes the Distributor to ensure regular and systematic upload of sales out.


Companies that use Nural Products

Companies that use Nural Products

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Nural is a provider of business solutions, and it provides a variety of seven enterprise-level, unique business tools. Each of our products is packed with features, easy to use, and created to fulfil a certain need. Organisations can address a variety of business challenges and accomplish a variety of goals related to sales, asset management, customer service, and more by implementing the Nural Suite of Products (Nural Leads, Nural SFA, Nural DMS, Nural Scheme, Nural CRM, Nural After Service, Nural Field SFA, and Nural Service Scheme, as well as Nural Assets and Nural Analytics).

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