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The following are the 10 significant characteristics that make Nural DMS the best distribution management system. Each of these 10 features has its own set of advantages, but when they are combined, the benefits expand exponentially. Organizations can use the system to manage a variety of sales-related operations such as target management, customer segmentation, scheme administration, and vendor credit management, among others. Let’s take a quick look at each of the features or modules.

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Sales Geography Management

The sales geography or sales territory management module will allow you to allocate a certain geographic area or customer group to an individual salesperson or a sales team. This will help enterprises in organizing and streamlining their sales activities, giving the necessary attention to each territory, and improving their sales activities

Target Management

The target module in Nural DMS allows an organization or sales management team to define targets for each salesperson as well as the entire team. Moreover, you can track their progress and see how close they are to reaching their goals. In addition, the system will allow you to set goals for specific products

Price List & Discount Management

The Nural’s DMS’s pricing list and discount management module allow you to create and update different price lists that can be shared with all or individual customers. You can also import and export pricing lists to and from the system. In addition to prices, you may manage the discount as well

Reports & Dashboard

The data-rich Nural DMS reports will help you evaluate how well your strategy is succeeding and what needs to be modified. The dashboard will provide you with real-time sales analytics on each salesperson, their respective sales, overall sales, target completion, and much more. Based on the data, you can make the necessary decisions on time

Scheme Management

Scheme management is a critical component of companies that sell products or services through distribution channels. With Nural DMS, you will get the complete list of promotional components. You can also design a customized scheme for each customer group based on your sales goals. This will assist you in boosting sales and profitability

Real-time Inventory Management

You can also keep track of inventory in real-time by using our thoughtfully built DMS software. The system will update the inventory based on the order placed or sales data. It will also notify you of any items or products that are out of stock or are about to run out. Based on this information, you can take necessary actions such as refilling stock or products

Customer Segmentation

The Nural DMS software also assists businesses and sales teams in segmenting clients based on several factors such as spending power, demographics, age, and so on. This information will eventually help you in developing a personalized marketing plan for each segment and, as a result, boost sales statistics

Sales Channel Management

Sales channel management is a critical strategy that all businesses prioritize. Organizations can use Nural DMS to develop multiple, tailored marketing plans and techniques to reach the potential customer base and target the last person in the corner. Moreover, sales channel management will assist you in streamlining communication between vendors, sales representatives, and the firm

Vendor Credits Management

Using the Nural DMS, the organization or the sales team can also manage the vendor credits. Based on the purchase history, you can assign credit points– a kind of discount to vendors, that can be redeemed on your next purchase. Besides, you can also set and alter credits for each product and individual vendor using the system

Financial Oversight

In addition to all of these distribution-related tasks, the Nural DMS provides insight into financial activity. It provides real-time data on sales revenue, sales target status, vendor debit/credit, and much more. The system also allows you to create sales targets for the organization for a particular period and track their progress in real-time

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