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Nural Service Field software is designed to empower field engineers. Field engineers can use this application to communicate with other teams in real-time and share their progress. This solution includes modules and functionalities such as call management, order management, inventory management, expense management, satisfaction code, feedback, and bulletin. All of these functions ensure that customers are served quickly and on time.

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Call Management

The Nural service field solution’s call management module lets field engineers communicate with supervisors, customers, and other individuals or teams. Through the application, field employees can manage calls and record the conversation as well as any necessary details about the complaint’s progress. Overall, the emphasis of this module is on establishing an efficient communication channel between all stakeholders involved in the process

Order Management

Using the Nural service field application, field engineers can also manage orders. The solution enables repair and service teams or individuals to place orders for defective parts to the warehouse or the appropriate authority. Besides, they can also track the delivery in real-time, allowing them to plan their next steps. Engineers can also check spare parts credits and renew or increase them as needed

Inventory Management

Engineers can also manage inventory with the Nural Service Field solution. For example, you can use the solution to manage MSL (Minimum Stock Level) and set up auto orders for specific assets or equipment. Besides that, the Nural Service Field solution enables you to manage loaner devices– temporary devices issued to users while their device is being repaired or serviced. This exercise will ensure that you always have adequate stock

Expense Management

Field engineers can also use the Nural Service Field solution to manage travel and other expenses, automate compliance, expedite expense reporting, and gain real-time insights into travel spending. On-field service personnel can use this application to enter expense reports and request reimbursement from HR or the relevant department. The account or expense verification team can review each request and process the reimbursement

Electronics Signature

Nural Service Field application also enables field engineers to get electronic signatures from customers as soon as the service is delivered. This is an effective method of documenting that the service was actually provided to the respective customer. This will eventually help eliminate any discrepancies between customers and service personnel. The function is simple to use for both customers and field engineers

Satisfaction Code

The Nural Service Field solution also enables on-field engineers or repair teams to feed the customer’s satisfaction code based on service quality. This data will assist them, as well as management, in determining how effective their service programme is and what needs to be improved. In addition, if the level of satisfaction is too low, they can schedule another service or contact the customer to address their concerns

Customer Feedback

The Nural Service Field’s feedback feature is similar to the satisfaction code. The key difference is that, unlike the satisfaction code, which allows only those customers who have benefited from the service to share their feedback, any customer can share their feedback regardless of whether they have requested any service or not. This will help the organization improve the overall quality and service level

Bulletin Board

The Nural Service Field Bulletin feature displays updates about products, services, or any other important information that may be of interest to field engineers. The goal is to keep the on-field team up to date with real-time data on everything from service to spare parts to customer complaints, and so on. This real-time briefing will assist the entire customer service department work in tandem to better serve the customers

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