Nural Leads Software Features

The top 10 Nural Leads features listed below illustrate why Nural Leads is the best Leads management software. From lead management to store auditing to catalog management to customer feedback, the software allows you to perform it all from a single platform. Let’s take a quick glance at each of the Nural Leads features.

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Customer Management

The Nural Leads enables you to consolidate all of your customers’ data from various channels onto a single platform for enhanced strategy and services. This will eventually allow you to better understand your customer, increase engagement, and boost conversions. Besides, this will also help you keep track of every conversation taking place across various platforms, such as email, social media, phone calls, text messages, etc

Lead Management

Nural Leads’s lead management tool assists you in converting potential prospects into customers. It will categorize the leads depending on their sources and determine which lead has the highest ROI. Ultimately, you can target those leads and give them your best shot to turn them into customers. Overall, the lead management feature will allow you to collect, organize, and manage lead information

Order Management

The Nural Leads also facilitates order management. It will enable organizations to coordinate the entire fulfillment process, from order collection to inventory and delivery visibility to service availability. Moreover, the software will track all information and procedures, such as order entry, inventory management, delivery, and after-sales support

Target & Incentive Management

The Nural Leads also enables firms to define goals for each employee and reward deserving personnels. For example, businesses can set targets and calculate incentives based on their policy and designed time frame such as monthly, half-yearly or yearly. In a nutshell, this feature assists organizations in easily evaluating employee performance as well as in defining customized targets and rewards for each individual

Product Catalog Management

The product catalog management feature will allow companies to ensure that their product database is organized, structured, and updated across all online sales channels. Besides, they can also add, edit, or delete information such as products, categories, sub-categories, quantities, sizes, prices, etc. This will eventually help you maintain your catalog while also helping customers find the right product

Store Audit

Nural Leads’s store audit feature allows businesses to assess the health of their retail store. For example, a retail audit will provide information on everything relevant to the store, such as safety measures, the status of electrical equipment, signboards, furniture, and so on. Based on the report, you can take corrective measures to keep the store in excellent shape

Rewards & Recognition

The Nural Leads also enables businesses to reward and recognize their best performers, including employees and retail stores. Based on various data such as sales, learning, discipline, lead conversions, store audit, and others, you can recognize each employee’s performance and reward them with appropriate prizes. This practice will encourage your workforce to give their best shot

Learning & Development

You can also train your employees with the help of Nural Leads. The software allows you to upload training modules such as audio, video, and PowerPoint presentations that can be later accessed by authorized employees or team members. Moreover, enterprises can also use the Nural Leads to conduct MCQ tests and manage the scorecard. This will allow you to provide underperforming employees with the necessary training on time, enhancing overall organizational productivity

Reporting & Analytics

The Nural Leads also provides organizations with real-time performance data. The tool’s real-time, role-based dashboard will provide you with insights on targets and achievements and help you track the status of each lead and monitor sales by category. Based on these in-depth insights, you can fine-tune the strategy or enforce corrective measures to improve the outcomes

Feedback Management

Nural Leads feedback management enables enterprises to get first-hand feedback from customers about their experiences with the respective product or service. The system also allows businesses to contact their customers and conduct a survey about a specific product or service. This will enable organizations to modify their products and improve their services

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