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Some of the key features that make Nural Service CRM the best business service solution are listed below. Using this product, companies can perform various customer service-related tasks such as call center management, call allocation management, job allocation management, warranty management, query management, and product registration. Let’s take a closer look at each of these functions or modules.

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Call Center Management

The Nural Service CRM’s call center management module allows companies or customer support departments to manage incoming customer calls. The system includes call features such as call recording, call forwarding, etc. Agents can look at a customer’s conversation history to assess the nature and urgency of their problem. Based on this information, they can take appropriate actions such as elevating the complaint, deferring the request, and so on

Call Allocation Management

Once the call is attended at the call center, it is routed to the appropriate city or center based on the customer’s location or ZIP code. In addition to city-based transfers, Nural service CRM’s call allocation management module allows businesses to transfer calls based on product or service type. Overall, this procedure will ensure that each complaint is assigned to the appropriate party and resolved as soon as possible, with no confusion or delay

Job Allocation Management

The customer service department of a company can also manage job allocation using the Nural Service CRM. Based on various factors such as the product, warranty period, location, and others, the case will be assigned to the appropriate service person or service team. The service person will also be provided a detailed case history to help them better understand the issue. Later, the manager or the relevant team can monitor the real-time progress of the complaint and, if necessary, guide the service agents

Warranty Management

Nural Service CRM’s warranty management module is specifically designed to automate the warranty claim process and reduce the average complaint resolution time. Using this module, the customer service department can check the warranty period of each product based on document proof, serial number, or invoice. Overall, this module will benefit all parties involved in the customer service process, such as suppliers, end-users, dealers, and service providers

Query Management

In addition to managing service requests, the customer support department can also use Nural Service CRM to manage customer queries. Customer service representatives can respond to customer calls and emails and address their concerns. Agents can also record or transfer calls to the appropriate person or department. Moreover, the software allows you to document the conversion history so that any other person handling the case can understand the issue

Customer Interface

The customer interface is a Nural Service CRM module that allows users to register their products on the company’s database. Customers have to select the product type and enter relevant information such as model number, date of purchase, place of purchase, etc. If the information is correct, the product will be registered on the platform right away. This feature will ultimately save customers’ and customer support representatives’ time and resources and speed up the process

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