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The Nural SFA (Salesforce Automation) system is strategically developed to address the needs of companies of all sizes and diverse industry verticals. Our SFA software is feature-rich, scalable, secure, and simple to use. It includes multiple features & modules that allow organizations and employees to collaborate and improve performance. The following are the top 10 features of the Nural SFA software. Let’s take a quick look at each of them.

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GPS check-ins & Check-outs

The Nural SFA supports GPS-enabled check-in and check-out. When on-field salespeople check-in or out of the Nural application, their location, as well as the time and date, are logged. This will help organizations in identifying whether or not the sales team or sales individual is present at the assigned location. This will prevent pseudo attendance and ensure that the workforce works efficiently on time

Travel & Expense Management

Businesses can use the Nural Salesforce Automation system to control travel and expense expenditures, automate compliance, expedite expense reporting, and gain real-time insights into travel spending. On-field sales workers can use this app to enter expense reports and request reimbursement for the same. The account or expense verification team can review each request and process the reimbursement

Offline Location Tracking

Organizations can also track sales employees with the Nural SFA software, even if they are working in a remote area with no internet connectivity. Besides, employees will be able to update their location status to the sales manager or higher authority thanks to GPS tracking. This will benefit both the salesperson and the organization with field sales, attendance, and performance, among others

Supervisory Management App

In addition to the Salesforce Automation software, you will have a uniquely designed application for management or supervisor. Supervisors can use this application to track each employee’s whereabouts, performance, and activities in real-time. In addition, the app assists managers with employee leave management, expense verification, lead management, and daily activities

Opportunity Management

Nural SFA also assists organizations with opportunity management. Opportunity records keep track of details about offers, such as whose accounts they’re for, who’s involved, and the number of potential sales. This module assists sales agents in taking the proper actions to close a deal, provide sales leadership with a better view of the pipeline, and keeps deals moving toward the close

Sales Reporting

Along with tracking and attendance management, on-field salespeople can use the Nural SFA application to report their sales activities in real-time. This will eventually allow organizations to track and tweak individual or overall sales targets. Moreover, real-time sales data enables management to launch or discontinue schemes associated with certain products on time

Lead Assignment Management

The lead assignment is the process of assigning inbound leads to suitable salespeople depending on the lead type, geography, or other factors. Along with automated lead allocation, the Nural Salesforce Automation software allows supervisors to manually distribute leads. This will ultimately ensure that all leads are assigned and attended to on time, improving the client-organization relationship

Commission & Compensation Management

The Nural SFA allows the organization or supervisor to manage the commission and compensation. Based on the target completion, the supervisor can request the respective team to process the commission of a certain salesperson or the sales team. Moreover, with Nural salesforce automation software, supervisors can process employee compensation requests

Team Performance Evaluation

Using Nural Salesforce Automation software, management can evaluate team performance to get a clear picture of how well the team is performing. For example, you will learn whether or not the team met its monthly or quarterly goals, whether or not individuals were able to improve their performance from the previous quarter, and so on. This information will eventually enable you to plan a training program or modify the targets or strategy

Contact Management

Nural Salesforce Automation software also enables supervisors, salespeople, and sales management teams to simply store and access contact information like names, addresses, and phone numbers. This will allow you to gain a better understanding of your customers, develop long-term relationships with them, import and export contact information, and personalize customer interactions

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