What Is A Customer Relationship Management Software (CRM)

March 20, 2023

Key Takeaways:

  • Customer Relationship Management Software keeps track of all the information required to make customer interactions easy.
  • It is not mandatory for any business to use a CRM software. But most businesses these day use one. Do you know why? Because it saves time and cost of the business
  • The primary and prime function of a CRM Software is to help a business manage their customers with ease.

What Is A Customer Relationship Management Software (CRM)

Customer Relationship Management Software is a software that helps a business to manage the process of customer interaction of a business. This is the kind of definition you will find on the Internet. However, there is more to a CRM Software.

The greatest asset of any business is its customer. And keeping the customers happy is one of the most important functions of the business. To do that, businesses have to come up with strategies, practices and technologies that would support them and help them to manage the entire process smoothly.

However, businesses that has to access an extreme load of customer information, find it difficult to do it without a helping hand. Hence, they adopt technologies that would help them manage all these informations with ease and furthermore, help them take the process step by step without missing opportunities. This technology, that a business use to assist them with all the processes related to customer interaction, such as sales, customer service and even marketing of products and services is called Customer Relationship Management Software.

Let’s delve deeper into the technology of this software.

What Does A Customer Relationship Management Software Do?

As stated clearly above, a customer relationship management software manages all the processes related to the customer interaction.

Before a business connects with customers, they try to understand what each of them are interested in and how they are as a buyer. And then they try to connect with them on the basis of the information they have gather about each of them. These types of personalized interactions can keep the customers feeling that they are a part of the business and are cared for by the business. After that the team would decide whether to continue contacting the person based on their response to those contact attempts.

All these steps can be taken care of with the help of a CRM Software.

How Does Nural Customer Relationship Management Software Work?

A Customer Relationship Management Software keeps track of all the information required to make customer interactions easy. For example, a CRM software would keep records of the contact information, customer behaviour and their status on the sales funnel. This way, you can easily determine which one of them is most likely to buy from you, and hence, you can contact them at the right time with the right message.

Nural CRM works in a similar fashion. Nural provides two types of CRM Softwares, namely: Sales CRM and Service CRM. Sales CRM focuses on lead generation and customer acquisition, while Service CRM focuses on the customer satisfaction and retention.

Nural Sales CRM would help you gather all information about every customer on one platform so that it is easy to access when needed. This will help you understand customer behaviour the best. Moreover, you can easily record the conversations on the software and enhance engagement with them.

Another great advantage of the software is that it can identify customers who is closer to the end of the sales funnel. This way, you can customize your way of engagement on the basis of that information. This not only personalizes the way to communication, but also ensures that you are engaging with all the leads available on a priority basis. Hence, you can ensure greater conversion rate and sales revenue.

Nural Service CRM would assist you with all the functions related to customer interaction after the sales has been completed. For example, suppose you have sold a wachine machine to a customer, and now you need to provide them with a support system with after sales service and proper complaints and requests addressing. It will help you to allocate each complaint to the right person in the right department and respond back with the solution as soon as possible. This software even allows customers to register their products in the system so that the it takes less time for the team to solve the problem and questions.

Why Use A Customer Relation Software System?

Let me tell you something. It is not mandatory for any business to use a CRM software. But most businesses these day use one. Do you know why? Because it saves time and cost of the business. Every business has a information system. It could be anything from spreadsheets to a tool. When you try to find a particular piece of information, you will automatically want to get access to the information as soon as possible. Because you need to complete the task in hand as soon as possible. Nobody’s got the whole day. Hence, it all depends on the way you want to manage and organize your business information. If you want to use spreadsheets, then well and good. But keep in mind that spreadsheets are only helpful for small amounts of data, not huge amounts of data. If you have ever seen a spreadsheet packed up with data, you will know how incredibly frustrating it can be to find anything in there. And it’s not only because it looks confusing. It is also because the amount of files that you have to handle. And that is exactly why you need a proper tool that can help you arrange information that is easily accessible and on the same platform.

With a CRM Software, accessible information can mean that the software has arranged the present information in graphs and charts. Can you do that on spreadsheets? I think not.

And it’s not just that. There’s obviously more ways that a CRM Software is a lot better than traditional ways of handling customer interactions. This software can help you get readily prepared reports and insights on your previous actions that can help you take informed and better decisions.

Features In A Sales Management Software

As said before, a CRM Software is equipped with several features that makes it a better option for managing customer interaations. In this sections, we are going to discuss those various features of a CRM software in detail.

Customer Management

The primary and prime function of a CRM Software is to help a business manage their customers with ease. The software will help you keep a record of conversations with customers from various channels on a single platform so that you can easily stay updated on the status of the customer. You can also forward your calls to the appropriate person of the right department so that the problem can be solve by the right person and as quickly as possible.

Lead Management

Leads are the source of business. With proper engagement and communication, they can be converted into paying customers. With the help of a CRM Software, can easily determine the nature of a lead and how like they are to convert into customers. With this information, the sales team can easily categorize all the leads on the basis of their position in the sales funnel. The closer too the end of the sales funnel a lead is, the more priority it gets. This ensures that the sales team is able to convert more leads and generate more sales revenue for the company.

Order Management

Every order from the customer is recoded in this software. Here, the responsible team can keep a watch on the entire process until it has reached the customer. With the help of the CRM Software, the team can know what product the customers have ordered, whether the products are present in the inventory or they need to be produced. They can even keep track of the delivery process until it has reached the customer and the after sales requirements post the delivery.

Target & Incentive Management

Here, targets are referred to the monthly or yearly target the sales team needs to meet. This software will let you set customized goals for the team and then monitor whether those targets are met on time. Adding to that, you can set deserving incentives for your employees and reward them accordingly. Hence, with this feature you can ensure that yearly targets are met.

Product Catalog Management

This feature will help you keep your product catalog updated with all the latest information and specification about each product. You can even edit information regarding the product.

Store Audit

With the help of this software you can easily keep a check on your store. You can stay updated about all the factors regarding your store, for example electrical equipments, safety measures, etc. This way, you can easily keep your store as good as new.

Rewards & Recognition

With this module, you can easily recognize and set rewards for the employees that has given the best performance. This will keep the employees motivated and they will keep performing their best.

Learning & Development

Through this software, you can set learning and training modules such as audios, videos and tests. This will assist employees to stay knowledgeable about their basics and help employees with low performance to catch up.

Task Reporting & Analytics

You can keep track of the target that has been set and the achievements of the employees made so far.

Customer Feedback Management

One of the most unique features of a CRM is that you can receive direct feedback from the customers about a product or service. Adding to that, you can easily conduct surveys with the customers. This way, you can keep improving your product and understand what you customers are looking for in your product or service.
Using the Customer Relationship Management Software is not the solution, but utilizing it optimally is. There are a number of ways the CRM software can help you manage you customer interactions. However, it is you who would need to get the work done. Hence, even if the CRM Software is a software solution, it is still not the ultimate solution to business problems.

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