Enhance Customer Experience with Leading Service CRM Software in India

Your relationship with customers does not end with a trade. It goes far beyond that. You have to be available to your customers whenever they require assistance concerning your products or services. Ditching them when it comes to service will only harm your image and business. One of the best ways to serve your customers on time and the best possible way is to invest in Customer Relationship Management Software. Nural is a leading company in SaaS based solution provider for businesses and offer Service CRM Software in India.

Using Nural Service CRM Software in India, you will be able to serve your customers better. Its innovative features, such as call center management, call allocation management, job allocation management, and warranty management, will allow you to communicate with customers in real-time, better understand their issues, and address them on time. This end-to-end customer service will eventually improve customer satisfaction and retention.

What Is Nural Service CRM Software in India?

Nural Service CRM Software is one of the best customer management software available today, designed specifically to empower organizations in providing exceptional customer support. The product is designed keeping in mind every small requirement of the customer support teams

For example, using Nural Service CRM Software, the customer relationship team can manage every aspect of the customer service, from receiving the complaint call to call allocation to warranty management to query management. Agents can also review the case history to better understand the problem and the steps taken so far. Moreover, you can assign or transfer calls to the appropriate team or individual based on the service request, product type, or location.

In addition to call management and call allocation, Nural Service CRM assists you with warranty management to ensure that only ‘under-warranty’ products receive free service. The system also helps automate the warranty claim process, reducing the average complaint resolution time.

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How Does Nural Service CRM Software Work?

Nural Service CRM Software operates in a well-organized and streamlined manner. It all starts when the customer relationship management team receives a phone call from a customer. The call could be from an existing customer seeking assistance or a prospect looking for clarity or assistance with the product or service.

If the call is from a prospect, it will be routed to the appropriate department. However, if the call is for a service request, the details of the issue will be recorded. Following that, the case will be assigned to the appropriate service person or service team based on various factors such as the product, warranty period, location, and others.

The service team will then verify the service warranty period to determine whether the customer is eligible for free service or not before estimating the service cost. Once the service or support is provided, the complaint will be marked ‘Closed.’

Following that, customers can provide feedback voluntarily, or service agents can request it. Feedback will assist the service team in improving their service and closing gaps in the process.

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What Can You Achieve With Nural CRM?

Efficient management of all incoming customer calls and emails.

Better call routing to the appropriate center or team based on the customer's concern.

Transparent job allocation process based on factors such as product, service type, and location.

Automated warranty claim process that reduces the average complaint resolution time.

Proper and real-time case history documentation enables other team members to better understand the issue and the progress made so far.

Via the customer interface, customers can easily register their product by entering the model number, date of purchase, place of purchase, etc.

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