Distributor Management Software in India

Automate Your Supply Chain With Nural’s Distributor Management Software in India

Keeping track of goods in transit, generating financial reports, managing warehouses, streamlining order processing, and maintaining an inventory database are tasks that every manufacturing firm has to deal with on a regular basis. Nural Distributor Management Software in India utilizes your data and keeps track of every movement and stock update to improve your distribution management system.

Nural Sales’ distribution management software in India that facilitates better decision-making by making all data available to you instantly and allows you to evaluate the efficacy of ongoing strategies. In addition, the distributor management software will enable you to make smarter purchases through accurate forecasts and generate precise reports on stocks, sales, and supply chains.

What is Nural Distributor Management System in India?

Nural Distributor Management System in India is an enterprise & SaaS-based distribution management system in India that helps you with inventory management, purchasing orders, sales activities, scheme management and productivity through a single unified platform. It helps you monitor your supply chain effectively to ensure a steady supply of inventory across your value chain. Nural Sales Distributor Management Software (DMS) goes beyond the purview of traditional distribution management software to help you create effective strategies to ensure steady growth and boost ROI. The system allows granular level of tracking for each product SKU by Serial number ( if available). You can define Nural DMS as a one-stop solution of a dealer distributor management system in India.

Discover Why Nural Is the Best Distributor Management Software (DMS) in India For Your Business?

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What You Can Achieve
Through Nural Distributor Management Software in India?

  • Significant boost in salesforce productivity
  • Increase in inventory visibility
  • Notable saving in supply chain investments
  • Massive decrease in workload for mid-level managers
  • Drastic improvement in deadline adherence
  • Reduced acquisition costs

How Does Nural Distributor Management Software (DMS) Work?

Nural Distributor Management Software (DMS) in India is an automated distribution management system that allows you to view your distribution, sales, orders, warehousing, and logistics insights through an interactive dashboard. The inventory management app tracks inventory in real-time and makes it easy to update stock details, low stock levels, distributed stocks, and delivery schedules from anywhere. This allows you to be cognizant of your inventory distribution and logistics, helping you formulate better strategies and decisions.

How Will Nural Distributor Management Software (DMS) Help Your Business?

Creating automated daily sales-out models

Providing real-time visibility over inventory (in warehouses or in transit)

Ordering out-of-stock inventory automatically

Assigning credit limits to vendors based on purchase history

Providing timely reports and alerts based on your needs

Improving salesforce productivity

Removing supply-chain bottlenecks

Maintaining a live database for inventory

Offering timely insights for better decision making

Evaluating the efficacy of your current sales strategy

Managing multiple distribution channels

Obtaining detailed forecasts on demand and supply

Simplifying inventory accounting through improved transparency

Handling purchase orders efficiently

Nurturing and converting leads

Modernize Inventory Distribution, Logistics, Reporting and Purchasing with Nural DMS

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Frequently Ask Questions About Our Distribution Management Software

What Is The Importance Of Distribution Management System ?

The importance of the Distribution Management System is as follows:

  • Keeps track of the inventory
  • Transferring stock from one location to the other
  • Avoids overstocking and overproducing of goods
  • Decreases the cost of production
  • All the processes are digitized, hence faster.
  • Hassle-free delivery of goods to the customers

What Is An Effective Distribution Management Software?

An effective distribution management helps you to achieve a smooth flow of products from the suppliers or the manufacturers to the customers. Now for that to happen, all the steps in between need to be managed efficiently. Those steps would be:

  • Real-time tracking of the inventory,
  • Proper stock transfer,
  • Decreased production and shipping cost,
  • The Digitized process can be handled faster.

What Is The Main Focus Of Distribution Management Software?

The main focus of a Distribution Management System is to manage the flow of products from the suppliers and the manufacturers to the consumers of the company, by taking care of all the aspects related to the flow of the product. Keeping a real-time track on inventory, efficient transferring of stocks and managing distributors are few of the main functions of a Distribution Management System.