Visual Merchandising Software and Platform By Nural

Elevate Your Brand’s
Visual Presence By Visual Merchandising Software and Platform By Nural

Transform your physical stores into captivating brand experiences that ignite customer desire and drive sales. Say goodbye to outdated methods and embrace Nural Visual Merchandiser—an intuitive Visual Merchandising  platform revolutionizing visual merchandising.

Your All-in-One Visual Merchandising  Software

Nural Visual Merchandiser is your go-to solution for executing and monitoring impactful in-store experiences. It helps streamlines visual merchandising, ensuring consistent brand representation across various platforms and locations.

Why Choose Nural Merchandiser Software?

Effortless Execution

Store Layout Design: Craft virtual store layouts for optimal product placement and share the same with Merchandisers to implement

Real-time Collaboration: Seamlessly work with implementation teams to execute strategies effectively.

Captivating Customer Experiences

Immersive Displays: Create an engaging shopping environment that captivates customers.

Consistent Brand Representation: Ensure your brand is portrayed consistently across platforms and locations.

Maximize Your ROI with Nural’s Visual Merchandising Platform

Consistency & Efficiency: Maintain a consistent look across stores for effective visual merchandising.

Quicker Operations: Expedite tasks implementations like check-ins, stock updates, and campaign management for faster execution.

Real-time Monitoring: Keep track of merchandise inventory and store activities in real-time for streamlined operations.


Key Features

Dashboard Insights: Monitor essential metrics and activities conveniently.

Attendance & Leave Management: Effortlessly handle attendance and leave requests.

Geofencing & Timestamps: Track check-ins and check-outs for location-based verification.

Task Documentation: Capture changes and improvements made during store visits with visual evidence.

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Efficiency at Your Fingertips

Store Visit Efficiency

Beat Plan & Route: Optimize visit routes to multiple stores efficiently.

Beat Compliance: Plan optimal routes and ensure visit schedule adherence with beat plans and compliance features.

Comprehensive Tracking and Documentation

Activity Tracking: Monitor merchandiser activities, document changes made during visits with visual evidence.

Checklist Feature: Ensure completion of all tasks during store visits with a comprehensive checklist.

Comprehensive Features for Enhanced Management

Real-time Stock Visibility: Stay informed about stock status and visual merchandisers’ activities.

Competition Tracking: Monitor competitors’ activities for strategic insights.

Campaign Management: Handle questionnaires, store inventory, orders, feedback collection, planograms, surveys, and learning resources.

Unlock Your Visual Merchandising Potential

Nural Visual Merchandiser empowers you to elevate brand presence, captivate customers, and drive sales through innovative strategies.

Don’t just sell products, sell an experience with Nural.

Contact us today to explore how Nural Visual Merchandiser can transform your business and amplify your visual merchandising strategies.