Manage And Track Your Field Assets Efficiently Field Service Management Software

Ensure increase in productivity of your field representative and customer satisfaction by monitoring field force with our Field Service Management Software. With our Field Force Management System, track the location of your field salesman. Track the activities done by your field employees which include visiting customers, meetings, orders taken and payment collection. Also, allocate tasks and activities to your employees, set priorities and know when they’re done.

In addition, this leading-edge field management software ensures that maintenance work is carried out thoroughly and that both uptime and safety standards are met. With well-managed activities and targets, enhance your field sales team’s performance.

What Is Nural Field Service Management Software?

The Nural Field management system monitors asset activity, displays asset status, manages daily business operations and client communication, maintains contracts, reduces turn-around time for clients’ after-sales support, and detects and visualizes critical business data. It presents critical metrics and data points in infographics, all in a consolidated format on an easily accessible dashboard.

Additionally, with our automated, digital, all-encompassing system in place, managing field assets would be easier. Nural Field management software which comes with a field force automation app, simplifies on-field management with dynamic data reporting, ERP and CRM connectivity, on-premise/secure cloud deployment, integrated inventory management with 360° visibility, SMS and email gateway, and more.

All of these unique features and technologies of field service software would eventually lead to overall business optimization, increased productivity, and improved coordination.

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What Can You Achieve With Nural Field Management Software?

Monitor and maintain all the assets that are leased or owned.

Reduce the Mean Time Between Failures (MTBF) with efficient scheduled maintenance.

Responds to critical outages and ensures the long-term stability of high-value assets Assets and linked devices.

Achieve operational excellence with offline modes to help in remote locations.

Maintain a record of contracts, service history, warranties, user logs, and location, among other things.

Enable frequent and accessible contact between field employees and dispatch centers.

Reduce the amount of paperwork and manual labor required to resolve dispatch issues.

Rely on improved connectivity and information availability by tracking your on-field employee status.

Synchronize front office and back office processes and systems.

Quickly access equipment information such as equipment location, serial numbers, model numbers, and more.

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Frequently Ask Questions About Our Field Service Management Software

What Are The Benefits Of Field Service Management Software?

The benefits of Field Service Management Software:

  • Easy management of field equipment
  • Improved performance of field employees
  • Improved communication between the subordinates and the supervisors,
  • Automation of repetitive tasks
  • Customer feedback

Why Field Service Management Is Important

Field Service Management is essential for business for a lot of reasons. They are as listed below:

  • The software lets you easily connect with any individual, such as supervisors, customers, etc., and also record the conversation for later convenience.
  • Manage all the equipment and assets that field engineers take with them to deliver services to the customers. One can access information such as asset procurement date, asset services, repairment dates, etc. With this information, one can keep the assets under regular servicing so that the life span of the asset is increased.
  • You can reduce cost as the life span of the assets is increased automatically.
  • You can keep a watch on the inventory to know which equipment or asset needs to be produced or stocked.
  • Keep track of the expenses incurred during delivering of the services. Later on, they can contact the HR department to request a reimbursement.