Track The Progression Of Your In-Shop Promoter With Nural In Shop Promoter Management software

Nural ISP is an in store Sales promoter management mobile app that primarily tracks, monitors and accomplishes your indoor sales force. Its user-friendly interface helps to integrate all features like tracking, monitoring, positioning, planning, reporting, market analysis, assignment, support requests, etc., on mobile phones to the sales demonstrator and the sales manager at the same time.

What Is Nural In Shop Promoter Management software (ISP)?

Nural In Shop Promoter Management software (ISP) is an app with the aim to help sales managers to manage a large number of In shop demonstrations under him.

Our In-Shop Promoter tracking app is available in enterprise and SaaS models. While our enterprise model is helping big companies in the world, our SaaS model is beneficial for small and medium size businesses.

Businesses can benefit from real-time monitoring of their in-store promotions and sales thanks to Nural ISP, In-Shop Promoter management software. Businesses can use it to manage inventory, streamline sales procedures, and monitor the success of their promoters. Businesses can learn more about customer behaviour, preferences, and purchasing trends by utilizing its analytics and reporting services. Additionally, the software makes it simpler to plan and manage promotional activities by facilitating communication between management and the promoter. In-Shop Product Promoter app can help you improve your in-store promotions overall, enhance customer satisfaction, and boost sales.

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How Does Nural ISP Software Work?

Our In-Shop product promoter management app allows the opportunity to track the attendance and the performance of your indoor sales force. By using GPS, Nural ISP can track sales promoters’ presence and can help to allocate them where attendance is needed. Not only that, the sales force can give instant stock-out alerts with just one click. Our In shop product promoter app also takes a record of the incentive of individual sales promoters.

Nural ISP Ensures That You Can

Promoter checks in at store location

Promoter adds and submits sell-out numbers

Conduct a Mini Survey Within the Store

Track Staff Performance In Real Time

Record Customer Feedback

Frequently Ask Questions About Our In-Shop Promoter Management Software

What Is The Difference Between Our SaaS And Enterprise In Shop Promoter Apps?

The degree of flexibility and control between our SaaS and business In Shop Promoter apps is where the main differences reside. SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) is a cloud-based paradigm that provides an internet-accessible, standardized software solution. It is appropriate for small to medium-sized organizations that need an immediate and affordable solution without a lot of customization or system integration.

Nural’s Enterprise solutions, on the other hand, are specialized to address the unique requirements of larger organizations. In order to provide seamless data transfer and reporting, they frequently interact with other corporate systems and call for more complicated settings. Compared to SaaS alternatives, enterprise solutions provide more flexibility, control, and scalability, but they also demand a considerable time, resources, and financial commitment.

For our In Shop Promoter software, Nural provides both SaaS and enterprise alternatives so you can select the one that best suits your company’s needs. For companies looking for a simple and quick way to manage their in-store promoters, our SaaS solution is a great option. For larger organizations that need more control and customization when managing their in-store promoters, our enterprise solution is ideal.